How to unlock your BlackBerry via carrier

Unlocking your device via the carrier is the easiest way to unlock a BlackBerry. If you want to unlock a device that your carrier will not unlock, you have to find a site that will do it for you. These sites sometimes lose customers because it involves giving out your IMEI number, and although it’s a safe process, people are wary. That being said, here is a step by step guide to getting your device unlocked, the safe and hassle free way:

1. Call your carrier.
2. Ask for the MEP code.
3. Give them your IMEI number.
4. To get your IMEI number, type this on your phone, *#06#, and it should pop up.
5. Once you get your MEP code, turn off your wireless radio on your phone.
7. Then go to ADVANCE OPTIONS.
8. Then go to SIM CARD.
9. Type “MEPD” on your phone.
10. You should see “Network as Active”
11. Hold SHIFT + type “MEPE” or “MEP2″
12. You should see “Network as Disabled”
13. You are now the proud owner of an unlocked Blackberry


19 Responses to “How to unlock your BlackBerry via carrier”

  1. 1 Bojo

    Will unlocking enable GPS on crippled devices (like Verizon)? I think BB Cool Nation would LOVE those instuctions…

  2. 2 Shaun Rotman

    Your forgot the biggest problem with this method: you’re carrier has to be willing to provide you with the MEP code. Mine has a policy with not doing so…

  3. 3 Robb (RIMarkable)

    Would the carriers be willing to give up the MEP code was that very question that I had when I first read this.

  4. 4 Tony

    I have my MEP code from Verizon, i still can’t seem to get it to work. Do i need to have a sim card installed before this will work?

  5. 5 GamblingInCalifornia

    Nice! I would try it right away!

  6. 6 Aaron

    Rogers doesn’t give out that code :(

  7. 7 David

    Are the MEP codes device-specific, or carrier-specific? I’m on Verizon, and I called them a while ago, and they wouldn’t give me anything…:(

  8. 8 PC

    Anybody tried if Bell Mobility in Vancouver gives out MEPs?

  9. 9 Blair

    I was recently able to secure a MEP code from ATT wireless in the US for my BB Bold.

  10. 10 ryan

    Ummmmmmmm, where exactly do you use this MEP code??? All it says is to find out the MEP code. Where do you enter it in (at what stage of this list)?

  11. 11 Pandu

    What happened to the Bold vs 8900 speed test? The post is gone.

  12. 12 Stubbs

    The MEP code is carrier and device-specific, meaning the MEP code will only work for the IMEI that is tied to the device. The carrier provides the code for free but does reserve the right to not release it to a customer unless certain criteria is met on their network, i.e. contractual obligations, account balance, length of service, purpose, and other unnamed reasons. I process unlock requests for my carrier but customers have to meet certain criteria before I will release the code.

  13. 13 ste7enm

    I second Ryan’s post - nowhere does it say where to use the code? Is it the same as the Master Unlock Code? And how do you do this with the 9530? Any successes there for anyone?

  14. 14 ste7enm

    With the 9530, it worked for me (went to the right screen but then my code didn’t work because I only had the Master Unlock Code which apparently isn’t the same thing) when I did the following:

    - Insert the SIM card that came with your device from Verizon or whomever.
    - Follow the steps above to get to the SIM Card option in Advanced Options (It should show your SIM card’s ID number.)
    - Type in ‘mepd’
    - Type in ‘MEP2′
    - Type in your MEP code (you have 10 tries) and press enter

    If you have the proper code your 9530 is now unlocked, if you have the wrong one like I did, you’ve just wasted an attempt and it will say ‘code error, please wait…’

    Good luck!

  15. 15 suthars

    i have a black berry mobile.but that is country lock.357646007205833
    what network code;reply sir

  16. 16 jp

    imei no 359483.02.757775.3
    i am not being able to unlock it . plz help

  17. 17 luis

    i need code from mep imei 352109.03.292015.2

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