How to unmask blocked caller IDs with TrapCall

It’s incredibly annoying when friends block their numbers. I understand that you might think your call is of the utmost importance, but I have an idea of what you’re calling about and whatever I’m doing right now is more important. It’s not that I don’t value your friendship, I’ll call you back, it’s just that you’re a little self-centered and don’t realize my time isn’t yours to waste. So don’t block your number and just let me ignore you until it’s convenient to call back. Capiche?

Trapcall works to solve the above problem. When you reject or miss a call, your phone forwards those calls to TrapCall’s servers which then re-routes the call back to you. When the call comes back to you, the caller ID is unblocked. The second time you reject, the call goes to voicemail. This is not only a great way to stop your friends or insane ex’s from tricking you, but it also helps stop telemarketers do the same thing.

Go here and try it out for free.

As usual, I’m dying to here about your experiences using this product. Please comment and let me know. Especially if you have any similar experiences of trying to avoid phone calls.

UPDATE: Verizon is not yet supported. (Thanks Thomas)


8 Responses to “How to unmask blocked caller IDs with TrapCall”

  1. 1 fizz

    can’t test it out, says it’s not ready for Sprint users yet.

  2. 2 Dan

    When I tried it changed all of my call forwarding to their number. So I don’t think this is compatible with youmail or callwave so it’s not for me.

  3. 3 Mel

    The call forwarding option does not work with T-Mobile. What would be the results if you reject a known number? Will it call you back again? That would be the annoying part of it. I have a Verizon and a Uscellular phone too but I use the Tmobile more (blackberry) We will see how it works for others before I consider this a waste of time. Good tool to use if I could get it working on the BB

  4. 4 Dan

    I am not sure what you mean the call forwarding option doesn’t work with T-Mobile. it did program my phone to forward to their # on no answer/busy/unavailable.

    That is what I do for Callwave and Youmail. I didn’t test because I don’t want everything forwarding their to trapcall just those calls that I hit Ignore on.

  5. 5 Deacon Maurer

    I’ve just set it up with my phone (AT&T) with no problems - a very easy walk through to get this done.

    I’m curious if anyone has set this up with Verizon?

    Also, it is worth pointing out that call forwarding is handled differently by various providers.

  6. 6 Thomas

    POST-registration(!), the site told me Verizon is not yet supported/capable.

  7. 7 Dave

    Oh yeah, this is great. An online predator could trick a kid into calling them and then grab their info… or people calling a hotline of some sort (suicide, abortion, whatever) will need to be aware that they could be identified.

    We should be entitled to privacy by default and have to waive that right on our own, not the other way around.

  8. 8 Stuart P

    If only there was something like this in Canada =(

  1. 1 Trapcall @ what’s a fine day??????

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