New and discount BlackBerry software and accessories

Like all good sites, we’ve put together a weekly roundup of all the newest and promotional BlackBerry software and accessories for you to gaze at. There’s some interesting new software such as Ringtones 1.0, a collection of 50 ringtones, as well as some custom dock software. In terms of new accessories, we have a keypad for the Storm.

Software Deals


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Go here to buy. Special Price: $4.99 until Feb 28

BB BattStat

If you need more than a tiny battery icon to indicate the status of your battery then BB BattStat is for you! With BB BattStat you can quickly view the total percentage of your battery remaining along with a large visual meter. This will ensure that you know exactly how much juice you have in your battery to make it through the rest of the day. BB Battstat also provides health information such as battery temperature, voltage and any warning or status messages. Don’t be in the dark any longer about one of the most important components of your phone. Pick up BB BattStat today!

Go here to buy. Price: $3.95


Freedom Slim Keypad for Storm

This light and slim metallic keypad is lightweight and slips easily into the pocket or purse. It’s nearly the size of a credit card. The keypad features 54 metallic faced keys with FULL Alpha Numeric and has a blue back light. Dual Profile SPP and HID Bluetooth, compatible with most PDAs, BlackBerrys, SmartPhones, Pocket PCs and Laptops etc. Also with your PC (providing they have a Bluetooth connection) allowing control, both in line of sight as well as from another room (control of a video). It will also work with the Sony PS3.

It is also rechargeable - mini USB connections. You will get up to 4 hours continual use and 100 hours standby.

Go here to buy. Price: $69.95

New Software

Real iBerry Blocks Today

Accept no imitations, or chessy knockoffs. Turn your BlackBerry into a true iBerry with the Real iBerry Blocks. Pack with the sharpest, newest and latest icons.

Go here to buy.Price: $7.00

Flowerdoor For 83xx and 88xx (4.5os)

Flowerdoor features nice flower icons and two doors with animation effect. The doors will be open when you start your Blackberry device or unlock and exposed the five bottons. The door will be close when you lock the screen.

Go here to buy. Price: $6.99

Ringtones 1.0

RCP Ringtones 1.0 is a collection of 50 ringtones and an essential audio upgrade for your mobile phone. RCP tones are ’standard ringtones’ that have been designed to sound great on the newest phones. The tones in this package include classic office rings, beeps, chimes, alarms, melodic tones, volume-progressive tones, sequenced tones, soft zen ringtones, and more.

Go here to buy. Price: $6.99


Pink Poodles Bold 9000 Customizable Bottom Dock

Pink Poodles customizable bottom dock for the Blackberry Bold 9000. OS 4.6.

Go here to buy. Price: $5.99

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