New BlackBerry Storm software and special promotions

We’ve got some great deals we’d like to call your attention to over at the BlackBerryCool store. If you’re looking for the best in BlackBerry software and accessories, we have everything the competition has and more. Our long list of affiliates and sponsors provides us with unique products that you won’t find on any other BlackBerry site.

Some of the gems you’ll find include: iBee Farting, Advanced Call Manager, Polyglotz, ShaverBerry, StormDice, ColorLight and more.

New Software

iBee Farting - Let it Rip! - Get the Best Fart App on your BlackBerry! 1.0

* Record your own sounds (farts / burps / other bodily noises), be creative
* Adjustable Time Delay (5 to 30 seconds)
* Random Fun Facts about Fart!
* Preloaded with over 10+ farts and burps sounds
* Shake and Fart (BlackBerry Storm only) - You can shake your BlackBerry Storm to make it fart!
* Free 20 min trial

Go here to buy. Price: $1.99

Advanced Call Manager for BlackBerry v1.00

With Advanced Call Manager you can organize your phone book into custom lists like Black list (people you don’t like to disturb you), White list (important people who are “allowed” to call you) or any other custom list (a very special group could be your family to which you may wish to send a personal SMS if they call during a business meeting).

Go here to buy. Price: $25.50

Polyglotz for STORM v2.5 by Polyglotz

Polyglotz is a talking translator. It can translate and speak in multiple languages. It supports over 30 languages. You can use Polyglotz as a language learning tool or a communication device in a foreign country. It is also being used as a speech aid by the deaf and non-verbal community because of its text-to-speech (TTS) capability.

Go here to buy. Special Price: $4.99 until Feb 16

ShaverBerry v1.0

This is an application that simulates a shaver. Whip it out at any meeting and pretend to shave your beard. Imagine how your collegues will look at you…Slide your finger to the left to start the shaver, slide it to the right to switch it off. Only for the BlackBerry Storm.

Go here to buy.Price: FREE!

StormDice v1.0

The application is simple: It simulates a dice. You slide your finger across the screen to roll the dice. Sliding the finger up or down will roll the dice, but without sound. Sliding it left or right will also roll the dice but with a sound effect.

Go here to buy.Price: FREE!

Special Promotions

ColorLight (include Storm Edition) Price was $7.99 Now $6.99 until Feb 28

You can customize Pearl trackball or Status LED and Phone Screen light with different colors/effects.
Flashlight option - it is very useful when you are in the dark!
- Pearl 8100 TrackBall and BlackBerry status LED
- 88xx, 83xx, 81xx, 8220, 8900, 9000, 9100 and Storm only BlackBerry status LED

Go here to buy.

Aerize Email Alerts - Price was $7.50 Now $5.00 until Feb 14

The best just got better! - The best selling Email Alerts solution has just been updated! Appearance, functionality and stability are contributing to the stellar success. We’re bringing new features to the Email Alerts category. Aerize pioneered Email Alert features like Contact Images, HTML email support, separate Email and SMS inbox access, Mark as Read, SMS support, Keyboard shortcuts, Queue based interface, dismiss all, as well as configurable alerts. Now we are pioneering stability!

Go here to buy.

10 Responses to “New BlackBerry Storm software and special promotions”

  1. 1 Paul

    Nice list but the ColorLight desc is the Slacker Radio description. I assume you were editing and removed the slacker radio link because it doesn’t work in Canada? lol

  2. 2 Kyle

    @Paul - Thanks! What a dumb mistake.

  3. 3 LouTreize

    It’s over. Blackberry has a fart app. God help us all, especially those in board meetings.

  4. 4 BlackBerry Cool


    If you would have read last week’s post, you’d know that there is now not one, but TWO BB fart apps.

  5. 5 Pedro

    Why makes us click through to see prices? Really annoying.

  6. 6 LouTreize

    @Blackberry Cool

    Shhhh, we’ll keep that between you and me. :D

  7. 7 Kyle

    @Pedro - You’re right. Thanks for the tip. I’ll put all the prices up now.

  8. 8 jbrown

    It would be nice if u could click on an item,and go right to the item.

  9. 9 Bambi Blue

    Well put together list! Some great apps too — with the exception, of course, of the fart app. I just can’t get behind that.

    Ha! Behind.

  10. 10 aleks

    Lol we will be like iphone owners with thousands of retarded apps that don’t but rather love having an availability of them just incase …

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