Podtrapper podcast software for BlackBerry [Free Trial]


Everyone knows what a Podcast is right? It’s basically your own private radio show and it has a social component very much in the same way blogs do. Podcatcher is a download manager and player of Podcasts. A good Podcatcher should be totally transparent, and once you’ve subscribed to your Podcasts it should be automatically downloading new episodes in the background. This is what PodTrapper aims to provide for Blackberry.

Podtrapper will allow you to consolidate your podcast listening down to a single device. RIM is working hard to provide a good media experience on Blackberrys (I hope), but a solution for Podcasts was forcing me to carry around both my phone and my media player. Now, with PodTrapper, I get to leave the media player at home.


* Automatic downloading of new episodes via Wifi (and soon via desktop app)
* Automatic downloading of new episodes via Cell network (On most carriers)
* Downloads via desktop application for those without Wifi or with difficult carriers
* Keeps track of last played podcast
* Remembers where you left off in every episode
* Reliable pause and resume of downloads when connectivity changes
* Built in keylock to allow for control of audio in your pocket

Download this app OTA here.

Download the prerelease OTA here.

Again, please comment if you’ve tried this out. The community will appreciate your comments!

19 Responses to “Podtrapper podcast software for BlackBerry [Free Trial]”

  1. 1 James Kendrick

    You should point out this app is a 30-day trial only.

  2. 2 Eric Weintraub

    Its not free but its the BEST BB app I have. Its only 10 bucks and its a rock solid app. RIM should buy it and put it on every blackberry. Its so nice not to have to sync to get up to date pod casts likes TWIT, Diggnation, etc…

  3. 3 Eric Weintraub

    Oh and they do have a 30 day trial (not to scare anyone off). Please give it a try, they did such a good job on the software. If you like pod casts you have to own this app.

  4. 4 Jason

    I began using podtrapper near the beginning of its release and have seen tons of improvements made since then. The application is excellent. Easy to use and full of nice features. I like that each podcast will remember where you left off so you can resume later. I also like being able to let podtrapper download my new episodes when I plug my phone in to charge at night. Overall its a great program that I would suggest checking out. I don’t believe its free, but it does have a 30 trial (unless they made the app free within the last few weeks).

  5. 5 Les W.

    I love podcasts and I love this app. No more syncing with desktop programs. I just set the program to download when charging, so it downloads new episodes during the night ota. There were a few interface issues with the BB media player during early versions of this app, but it works seamlessly on my Pearl now. The developer is super-responsive to questions and suggestions, and is always improving it. Best $10 I’ve spent on my BB this year

  6. 6 Andrew

    RIM should NOT buy it. If RIM bought it, you’d no longer be able to communicate so easily with the developer! Currently, the developer is very responsive to suggestions and questions.

  7. 7 Rick

    downloaded the free trial version this am then tried to download crackberry podcast, meet the press and nbc nightly news podcasts, all of which i currently have on my ipod touch. nothing doing. i tried for 30-40 min to download a simple podcast and listen to it. no luck.

    i could “subscribe” to a podacast but could not for the life of me download the latest episode and just listen to it! perhaps there’s a difference between the paid version and the trial version.

    i can’t speak for the paid version but the trial version is next to useless.

  8. 8 DavidB

    What’s with the misleading subject lines lately? When a subject line says free, that should mean FREE, not some trial version.
    Somebody trying to pump up page views or what?

  9. 9 Mauricio

    30 day trial, not free.

    Still trying it out though.

  10. 10 xsehcx

    it is still $9.99, I know a little while back they were considering changing it to 12.99. but it looks like it hasn’t changed just yet. this is by far my most used app, besides bbm, that is. the developers are great at getting back to you when you have issues, not that you’ll have too many. I never buy apps, i always try them out for free and i’m over them before the trial period is up anyway. i’d been looking for a podcatcher for the berry for a while and this one does exactly what it’s meant to do, audio and video work great. if you listen to podcasts this is an app for you.

  11. 11 Marcus

    Hi, I’d just like to point out that PodTrapper isn’t free, though there is a 30-day trial. Can you please change the title of this post? I don’t want people to think I’m trying to trick them or anything.

    Rick, if you can shoot me over a copy of your logs (via the Email Developer) menu item I can take a look and see why it’s not working for you…


  12. 12 BlackBerry Cool

    Post title updated to reflect “Free Trial” status (ie: not totally free) of PodTrapper.

    Sorry for the confusion. Kyle says he was quote-unquote “really tired” when he posted this story. :)

  13. 13 diffused

    Best app I have on my 8330.

  14. 14 Eva

    Rick - check your settings - mine had to be changed to allow celluar downloads - otherwise it was set for pc only - good luck - it’s an excellent app! I appreciate that the developers give a proper amount of time to test drive prior to purchase - so while it’s not free (forever) it’s worth a twirl. As we extend these crackberry’s with the help of wonderful developers to reach their fullest potential the need to carry anything else -i.e. Media players - becomes obsolete and that my fellow crackers is a beautiful thing!

  15. 15 Sharon

    Downloaded it and added podcast url. It shows episodes, but they won’t download?

  16. 16 Shayna

    Loving the app, just wondering what podcast directory the search is using so I can point some podcasters that don’t have their show listed to add it. Or I’ll add it for them :)

  17. 17 MacinShak

    I tried downloading it, everything looks like its working, only issue is that once the pods are downloaded, and I push the “play” button, it tells me I have an error with my nedia player and it won’t play it for me. Any help on this? So far its dl’ing fine!!

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