Windows Mobile 6.5 vs BlackBerry

At MWC, Microsoft talked Windows Mobile and how it’s targeting consumers with it’s new user interface and quick keys. Upcoming WinMo devices will have a “Windows” button, which is similar to the “Start” button on older devices or the “Home” button on the Diamond series.

The Windows button and the back button, along with the call send and end buttons are very similar to the keys on a BlackBerry. Even the behavior of the Windows button is BlackBerry-like. Hitting the new Windows button on 6.5 doesn’t evoke the Start menu, but rather the key press will evoke a programs menu or applications launcher. This behavior is very similar to hitting the BlackBerry button, which takes you to the programs launcher.

I suspect a lot of Microsoft employees secretly use BlackBerrys because they’re more user friendly. Nice try WinMo, we’re on to you!


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  1. 1 Pony99CA

    Actually, the Start “menu” on Windows Mobile non-touchscreen devices has been a program launcher for years (similar to the Programs folder you access from the drop-down Start menu of WM touchscreen devices). This sounds like Microsoft is just converging the two flavors of WM a bit more.

    And, seriously, a Back button? Hasn’t every cell phone since the dawn of time had one?

    None of this sounds like ripping off some original BlackBerry feature.


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