(Rumor) Sprint BlackBerry Niagara details confirmed UPDATED

Sometimes you need to post a poorly researched rumor in order to get the real details. Recently, an engineer at Sprint confirmed the following details about the Sprint BlackBerry Niagara:
The BlackBerry Niagara is slated to launch in Q3 and will have the following specs:

GSM 850, 900,1800,1900and UMTS 2100 (japan)
International Data will support GPRS, EDGE, UMTS & HSPA
3MP Camera
1400 MA Battery
Verizon will launch the device before Sprint because they are basically just paying for the Broadcom patent infringement to use the chipset in its existing form.  Sprint wants the re-engineering effort to happen so they don’t have to pay the Broadcom fee so their launch will be a little later.

Thanks for the tip. Remember, send any rumors and tips to kyle (at) blackberrycool (dot) com.

UPDATE: Niagara closely follows the Javelin ID and styling. Most unique characteristic will be the battery cover with a gray/black dot matrixed print scheme with chrome accent “flying bb’s”. JavelinNiagara will simply be a CDMA version of the 8900.

22 Responses to “(Rumor) Sprint BlackBerry Niagara details confirmed UPDATED”

  1. 1 artie

    Great, it will be here around the time my contract will let me get it at a good price on Sprint.
    Thank you,

  2. 2 Pissed

    Great. Thanks Sprint for making us last again. Wow, with friends like you who needs enemies?

  3. 3 NASCAR14FAN

    I’ve been a loyal Sprint customer for a while, and honestly, I’d rather get a phone that is mostly bug free and be 2nd or third to the trouth. Honestly, I’m going to upgrade everytime we get a new Blackberry! In the fall, I’m going to get the Niagara, and when and if we get a verient of the Storm, I’ll be on line for that to!

    Let’s make it happen!

  4. 4 Stang68

    What do you guys think for the VZW release? Late Q1? Q2? Sometime around the release of the next iPhone or Plam Pre?

  5. 5 nah.uhh

    It isn’t a cmda version of the 8900, this is the cdma bold.
    RIM was going to use the bold styling for the storm, and changed directions to the 8900 styling, which theyr sticking with.
    The if the niagra was a curve, it would be small qwerty with spaced keys.
    Just because the form factor follows the new generation (9000 was like a skipped hardware generation) doesn’t mean this is a curve.
    If its size weight, screen resolution (widescreen on bolds vs more squared on curves) and keyboard are all close to the bold, this would be the bold 2, not the curve 3..

  6. 6 Tdburn

    I think that I’ve found my next phone from sprint. Unless they come out with something similar that enables the screen for touch. I want a keyboard and touchscreen capabilities, so no storm for me.

  7. 7 Alex

    Thank you for posting something juicy. Too bad I may have to wait another 4+ months months for something from Sprint :(

  8. 8 kevin

    Is there a touch screen on it? I want a full QWERTY keyboard with a touchscreen for VerIzun! Please RIM folks give it to us. NoW PlEaSe!

  9. 9 Martin Mikesic

    Verizon Wireless will be the one to get the New BlackBerry Niagara not sprint.

  10. 10 abcyesn

    It’s definitely a nice looking phone. From the front it looks like a smaller Bold, and from the side it looks like the 8900 Curve. And with all of the pictures that have been surfacing I would say it shouldn’t be too long before it’s in stores. Any sure dates yet? can’t even it on http://www.Niagara-BlackBerry.com I hope it will come out sooner or later.

  11. 11 Vanessa

    actually, i was just in the sprint store yesterday and all 5 of the guys working confirmed that sprint WILL be getting this phone. they said it is supposed to be released in august.

  12. 12 Mr. Bables

    ^^^Thanks for the info Venessa. I cant wait the phone sounds awesome, my bro has a Bold so know this one is great.

  13. 13 Tommy

    Verizon seem to be the first who always gets the coolest phones all the time. but al the dumb sprint clients like us keep hoping.. we should just one of this days stop hoping and move to someone that can give us what we want.. then sprint will start to be inovative.

  14. 14 Wouldn't You Like To Know

    WOW!!! sprint you guys are so amazing….Oh wait wait I mean the other guys are so amazing…

  15. 15 BlackberryCrazy

    I would rather wait for it on Sprint and stay with a lower monthly rate than switch to Verizon and pay through the nose for service

  16. 16 Mark

    Wow, did anyone know that the blackberry Storm was set to be launched with Sprint 1st??? However Sprint is anal about testing the phone before releasing it into their lineup. So when the Storm was FAILING, Sprint would not release it, and then RIM pulled it and gave it to Verizon to release 1st! And now you can ask 100 storm users how they like their phone’s and see what happens, LMAO! The majority of Storm owners are not happy at all with the device!

    So I agree with BlackberryCrazy, I will stick to Sprint, where customers can expect to pay about 25-40% less on their monthly charges! Also we(I work for Sprint) WILL be the 1st network with 4G (WiMax)! Read up on WiMax, cause if your not with Sprint, you WILL BE JEALOUS!! Our 4G network is already up and running in Washington DC/Baltimore area, and working very well! Should be in Chicago in the next 12 months!

    But even now, our 3G is faster than any other network! Don’t believe me? If you have a non-Sprint mobile broadband card and a laptop, take them both to your nearest Sprint Dealer and see which card is faster!!! I don’t care what the commercials say from the “other guys” our 3G speed is faster, and that can be proven with some help from http://www.speedtest.net

  17. 17 Mark

    Also, Sprint has 2 new Blackberry’s scheduled to be released this year, 1 @ the end of the summer, the Niagra. However the other is under wraps right now, and they aren’t leaking any info about it for now, but it should be out end of Q3/beginning Q4

    So no need for ignorance, and making comments about Sprint not getting this phone! Rest assured Sprint Blackberry users, the Niagra will be out by the end of the summer!

    The Palm Pre is a rediculously BA phone, that Sprint released last Sat 06/06! we were the 1st network to have it! I used a demo for 2 weeks and the phone is awesome don’t get me wrong! However I need a device that is intended for business use, so I’m sticking with my Curve, until the Niagra comes out!!!!

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