The BlackBerry Curve 8900 - to upgrade or not to upgrade

blackberry curve 8900

The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is so far my favorite BlackBerry device. I really enjoyed my first 8330 and would use it even over the Bold. It’s the form factor and keypad that make the device for me. The 8900 has done a great job of improving on the basics, and I would gladly put it head to head with any Nokia or WinMo phone.

The 8900 has GPS, a better camera, and a better screen as compared to the old BlackBerry Curve. That being said,there is always room for more improvement.

Are there any BlackBerry Curve 8900 users out there? What do you think so far?

Thinking of getting one? Why or why not?


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  1. 1 Tygar_prawns

    Love it! Just wish I could have 3G with WIFI and UMA!

    Should I have waited until later this year when the Niagra might (or might not) be released? I guess this is a little bit of a rhetorical question.

  2. 2 Joe

    I love this Blackberry. Coming from a Curve 8320, it is the perfect upgrade. The pictures are sharp, everything is snappy (speed). The only thing it lacks is 3G but if your looking for a Small stable blackberry that just works(my own opinion) the 8900 is your best bet!

  3. 3 Lonnie H.

    I’m a 8900 user, and since getting it, I’ve never been happier. I was an 8330 user on Telus and moved over to Rogers for the iPhone. The iphone was fun, but didn’t suit my needs, so I sold it and got the 8900 when it was released. This device has had the best out of box experience I’ve ever encountered since owning a blackberry device. GPS works perfectly and intergrates with Google Maps, new OS, good battery life, and hardly ever freezes. Switching applications is a breeze and wifi and UMA works great. I’d never choose another device over this one. :)

    Oh, and this posting was done using my 8900. ;-)

  4. 4 Jiri M.

    Well, I had the same dilemma - but I’ve been waiting for an ideal BB device since the day I had my first BB - 7290. I’ve had almost every model that RIM made and this is finally the device I would like to keep.
    It’s fast, pocket factor is good, it has a good screen, GPS, WIFI and a most important thing - full keyboard.
    The full keyboard for me as a heavy user is the most important part. I like the screen for it’s resolution. Pocket size is the second factor - I had Bold but I didn’t like the size and the back cover.
    Well, it’s just the device i need :-)
    Maybe the size … but I don’t think it can get any more smaller without screwing up keyboard … :-)

  5. 5 PA

    I absolutely love my new 8900. I had a pearl since the day it came out, and was trying out the bold first, a Storm (9500 from a friend that worked at RIM), and finally the Javelin, and it is hands down the best blackberry device i have ever put my hands on. It is perfectly sized (and im a big guy, big hands, and it fits and is easy to type with even though it is smaller than the bold), looks amazing, and has every feature that I need. Yes, the lack of 3G is the only thing for me that is keeping this from me calling it a perfect QWERTY blackberry, but I would take EDGE and a super stable OS over 3G & problems any day of the week, especially with strong WiFi in almost every place i need to be, and the speed of the Javelins edge browser being almost as quick as the Bold. In 9-12 months, once RIM has everything running perfectly with their 3G OS’s, ill move on to a different device (9300, or perhaps the touchscreen/QWERTY Pluto?). Until then, ur going to have to pry this berry outta my cold dead hands if u want mine :)

  6. 6 PA

    Though it would have been even seksier with the actual metal backplate, and a better speaker (a la the bold), but i guess RIM cant make this one perfect, or no one would buy the other, more expensive ones now would they hahaha.

  7. 7 Rob

    About a month ago I had to make the decision to get the 8900 or the Bold, I weighed my options (this would be my first ever blackberry by the way) and eventually chose the 8900. The screen is high quality and the 3.2 MP camera was one of the factors, along with the thin/sleek design, not having 3G wasn’t a big deal for me. Although the applications for the 8900 are still lacking a substantial amount, it’s the greatest phone i’ve ever used.

  8. 8 Bill

    I went from the Bold to the 8900 based on all the hype, selling my Bold before I even received the 8900. Wish I hadn’t. 8900 is OK, but Bold’s keyboard and build are hands-down the best BlackBerry has ever done. Bold is extremely solid, battery door doesn’t slide around or flex or feel cheap, and keyboard is firm and doesn’t feel like plastic. 8900 on the other hand, suffers from all of these things.

  9. 9 petes99

    Considering my 8100 can barely handle the ’smartphone tasks’ I need of it these days, the 8900 is a phenomenal temptation. Sure, GPS and Wifi sound great but what I’m really after is that beefed up processor and much bigger memory allocation. My 8100 *never* has enough free memory and the processor seems to be powered by hamsters on a wheel.

  10. 10 FL

    I would love this phone… if only I had one… *grumble*att*grumble**grumble*

  11. 11 Andrew

    I have had a 7100, 8100 and now a 8900. This is the best handset RIM has ever put out. My only complaint is for RIM’s inexcusable lack of support for MAC users, but having said that - you will have to pry this 8900 out of my hands. I am not giving it up.

  12. 12 Morgan

    I upgraded from an 8100 to an 8900, and have found only one thing that I don’t like as well: I can type faster on the 8100 with SureType than on the 8900’s full keyboard. I love the screen, WiFi, and not constantly running up against memory limits.

  13. 13 MLB

    Well, I have had my 8900 for a few days now and as much as I loved my 8320, I am not looking back at all. For me this is a beautiful, functional phone that just works. I sure as hell was not going for Storm as that is some BS if you ask me; and the Bold is o.k. if you like carrying around a brick. Having said that I think I will just stick with the 8900.

  14. 14 sean76

    I’ve had just about every Blackberry to Date! I own the Bold and use it for my Business line. And until recently had the Storm as my personal device. That said, I’m pretty much happy with the Bold, but hated the Storm! The lack of a keyboard, in conjuction with all the bugs was just to much to bear, back to the Curve on Verizon for me. Now as for the 8900, one of my workers picked it up on Saturday. I have to say the form factor is great, and it’s one Sexy looking device! EDGE on Tmobil is pretty quick, not as quick as my BOLD on at&t, or my Curve on Verizon, but only a notch slower! I do have to say calls where not as clear using Tmobil, but I only used the phone for about an hour or so! All in all, I would probably stick with the BOLD and CURVE, until a 3G 8900 drops- a la Niagra on Veizon!

  15. 15 Greg

    I had the 8900 for a week but returned it because I did not think the benefits over my 8120 were that significant. The internet experience is somewhat better but still mediocre. The battery life is not great. Most of all, the commitment to a 2 year contract and the price of the device were not worth it. If I didn’t already have a BB, this would be a fine phone. Just wasn’t enough better to warrant a switch.

  16. 16 Jason Peatz

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    I have been looking for a smart phone for the past month or so and am struggling to make a decision.

    The Blackberry Curve 8900 looks like a great fit for me but the big unknown for me is the data plan. How many kbs per month will I need? Argh.

  17. 17 fondoo

    i thought the 8900 had wifi…

  18. 18 Mephisto

    Decided to skip the 8900 for the Nokia e71. Plan is to use the e71 until BB Gemini comes out in late 2009-early 2010.

    When I held both the Nokia e71 and 8900 side by side the 8900 felt ‘cheap’. The Nokia e71 just feels really good and the keyboard is of high quality.

    I think waiting for the 3g/bigger screen/better camera Curve is the best bet imo.

  19. 19 JSmalls

    I was hesitant to upgrade at first-I wanted to hold out for even the next generation of Blackberry hybrids that are rumored to combine elements of the Bold and Storm. Realizing this probably won’t be coming out any time soon, or on T-Mobile’s network, I took the plunge.

    I could not be happier.

    The phone’s resolution is breathtaking right out of the box (and once it is powered on). I tried looking at my 8320, and the screen seemed blurry in comparison.

    The construction of the phone is also exponentially better. It’s lighter (to a degree, but not readily noticeable), but clearly more compact and thinner. It is solid construction. It does not feel cheap compared to the 8320. It’s style is also very sleek and sexy. The processor is far noticeably faster as well.

  20. 20 Bill

    I’ve had my 8900 for 2 weeks now, replacing my 8330 - which was my favorite phone up to now. The 8900 is a great phone - moving from one application to another is seamless compared to the latency in the 8330. There is a 10x the memory to load applications. I use the 3.2MP camera and to OCR Business Cards and Whiteboards flawlessly. I also have a 3g iPhone which I am considering dropping, since I can do so much more on the 8900 (real buttons rock over touch screens!!!)

    Best phone I have had to date…

  21. 21 Pandu

    I have a 8130 and plan to break my contract with Verizon ASAP to get the 8900.

    Stupid VZW. They refused to give me an early upgrade to the Storm recently, and the result is they’re going to lose a customer from several years. I noticed that its cheaper to break a contract than pay full retail for a Storm, and then I decided I’d rather have the 8900 anyway. I’m still annoyed about VZW’s crippled GPS.

  22. 22 DA

    I got the 8900, and used to use T-mo’s Pearl. I actually miss the Pearl’s keyboard because it was way easier to text and email while driving in LA (much easier to memorize keyboard when there’s 2 letters per key)… and yes, I know it’s illegal. But the Curve going to take some getting used to.

    I like the software and new built-in apps. The one major problem I’m having is when I’m answering my phone calls, it doesn’t allow me to pick up automatically (I have to press the send key multiple times) AND/OR it places the call on speakerphone… which is definitely NOT IDEAL. Is this happening to anyone else?

    And when I switched devices, it missed a few contacts, and I don’t know which ones… (group contacts for sure didn’t go through).

    Also, messaging functionality on this OS is not as good. I used to be able to scroll over a SMS that I sent and have the option to txt this person… not anymore with new curve.

    I was also hoping we would get opportunity to add info to an existing contact with OS

  23. 23 Matt

    i love the 8900; ordered it the first day it came out.
    i got it and i can’t stay off of it.
    the only downside is that the camera takes really blurry pictures, no matter how still you hold it…

  24. 24 fondoo

    i downgraded the 9000 to the 8900 and its totally awesome!! form factor, you’re the best!

  25. 25 nigel

    I’m a first time blackberry user and I absolutely LOOOOOVE my bb 8900!! I’ve only had it a week now :) best decision iv made in years!! Oh, this website rocks!!

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