Viigo Beta 8 ready for download - win a free BlackBerry

Viigo’s Beta 8 is primed and raring to hit your BlackBerry. Download the new version and access exciting new features including the ability to tweet articles with a single click, find movies playing in your city, a new Shopping service, and the capability to build and track your own portfolios in Stocks and Finance.

Viigo has made several enhancements in Tango 8
• Post interesting articles to Twitter with a single click
• Find movies that are playing in your city, or see what’s playing at a theatre near you.
• Use Quick Launch buttons to email an article to a friend or to yourself, Tweet an article of interest, Post To Del.ic.ious, view a full Article or open in a browser
• Access real time flight status in your Flights and Travel itinerary

New features in Stocks & Finance:
• Create your own portfolios that include the stocks or mutual funds of your choosing
• Each portfolio lists the ticker name, the price, the change and the percentage change
• Access depth details on trades including the volume of shares traded, the current bid/ask, time of last trade, market cap and much more

A Preview of Viigo Shopping:
• Viigo has partnered with Mobihand and Magmic (the Bplay store) to bring you the ability to purchase the latest mobile software, software accessories, games, themes and more
• Details on the product are available in just one click without ever leaving Viigo
• More partners and more stores will be unveiled shortly

Here is the download link again.

6 Responses to “Viigo Beta 8 ready for download - win a free BlackBerry”

  1. 1 aleks

    This is no news it came out months ago!!

  2. 2 Liron

    Didn’t this come out in the beginning of the month?

  3. 3 jason

    The download link above takes you to a download of an older version 3.0.446 vs the latest 3.0.861.

  4. 4 aleks

    .864 is the latest version and it came out in January I think

  5. 5 Kyle

    Thanks guys. It’s one of those transitional issues. New to the job and I got the update from Viigo this morning.

  6. 6 Rob

    Yeah something funky happened to me today also…. Picked up a bunch of feeds from late December pre-Holiday Viigo hiccup?

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