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Forward with Edit - find a link and win a free theme UPDATE


This is an excellent piece of software because BlackBerry lacks the ability to edit an email that you are forwarding. Forward with Edit allows you to do just that. Instead of clicking “Forward,” you click “Forward with Edit” after installing the software and you can edit the email to be forwarded.

Now this is where I ask your help.

I have been trying to find you a download link or even a product page with purchasing information but it isn’t obvious where to go (I’m really leaving myself open to ridicule here).

Can you find out more about this application? The first 5 people to comment with a download link and product information will win a free theme.

[UPDATE: The video might be made by the guys at Unify4Life]


Research in Motion (RIM) financial analysis update



The Financial Post Trading Desk is reporting that RIM’s first-quarter revenue is estimated to come down to US$3.1-billion on seven million new units shipped.

Raymond James & Associates is giving an Outperform rating on RIM stock with a target price of US$66.

Citi analyst Jim Suva, however, has a Hold on the stock with a target price of US$46. Mr. Suva remains skeptical in the near term, estimating earnings-per-share growth of just 7% this year, which is “hard to get excited over.”

Hopefully upcoming device launches such as the Niagara will quell any market uncertainty.


Research in Motion (RIM) among Canada’s Top 100 Employers


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Even though we’re hearing incessantly about the economic crisis, many of us are still happily going to work at a job we love. More than 2,100 companies in Canada applied to be among Canada’s Top 100 Employers in both public and private sectors.

Each job was rated based on eight key criteria: physical workplace; work atmosphere as a social setting; pay and benefits; vacation and provisions for time off; communication to employees; performance management; training and skills development and community involvement. Applicants are assigned grades for each category, and they are then compared with others in their industry to determine whether they make the national or regional cuts. The scores are not published in the final lists, and the top employers are not ranked in any particular order.

Among Canada’s Top 100 Employers was Research in Motion (RIM)!

Research In Motion Ltd., Waterloo, Ont.

Gives employees a free BlackBerry on their first day and covers usage and service fees; offers tuition subsidies to employees; celebrated its 20th anniversary by hosting a private concert for employees that featured Aerosmith and the Barenaked Ladies; offers a profit-sharing plan and year-end bonuses; provides on-site massage services, flu shot clinics and discounted gym memberships.

Interested in working at RIM? Check out our job boards for great opportunities here.

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How to unlock a Bell or TELUS BlackBerry Storm


Unlocking the BlackBerry Storm has been a real pain for consumers. Since the TELUS and Bell Storm devices were released, they have been a success in the consumer market, which also means there has been a large demand to have them unlocked.

The Verizon 9530′s were unlockable, allowing us to use their tri-band phone on the Rogers network here in Canada. Sadly, we could not say the same for Bell and TELUS devices. Attempts at hacking the device have been met with failure. A team in the UK that was charging 15 GBP to unlock any BlackBerry, tried to crack the TELUS and Bell Storms, but were unsuccessful. A few companies managed to find an unlock solution for the 9530 from TELUS and Bell, however, it stopped all data on the devices from working.

Now all that has changed.

I was recently contacted by a company who say they are now able to unlock TELUS and Bell Storms. The unlock typically takes about 1-3 weeks, and the process is slightly more expensive than your typical unlock, The process has been tested on 34 devices and has been working flawlessly.

Check them out here.

(Rumor) AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8900, Niagara 9630, BES 5 at WES 2009


OSC RIM 20090205 TOPIX

BGR is spreading rumors again and since they’re usually pretty accurate in hindsight, I’ll repost. During WES 2009 (May 5 to 7 in Orlando, Florida), there are a few rumors we can expect to possibly come to fruition.

The first rumor surrounds the launch of the AT&T 8900 Curve. This rumor is backed by the fact that AT&T has pushed out the service books for the device, which is usually an indication of a coming launch.

Also expect the announcement of the BlackBerry Niagara 9630. The device, as seen in CB’s recent video and impressions post, is a slick looking device with dual-band 1xRTT/EV-DO from the CDMA side, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and a 2100MHz band of UMTS/HSDPA from the GSM side. The device is expected to launch in Canada late May/early June with a Verizon launch some time around June/July.

We may also see BES 5.0 get just about ready to be released. Along with this announcement, we may also see RIM come clean about OS 5.0, even though the Internet has already gotten its hands on it.

The final two rumors are sketchy but we can all hope they’ll come true. RIM might be showcasing an LTE BlackBerry device at WES. The device will likely not be available for trial, but will just be there to show that RIM is working on such a device. Nonetheless, it will be great to get confirmation that this is in the works.

Last but not least, it seems RIM might announce they’re working on a device with a 1 GHz processor. The device wouldn’t be available for 9-12 months, but it would surely be a hot item for both consumer and enterprise.


BETA test a new VeriSign password app for BlackBerry



VIP Access by VeriSign is an app that will generate a password for your AOL, eBay and PayPal accounts. It’s optional and free to consumers, but if you sign up, no one can get in your account without your user ID, your password, and the six-digit number generated by your phone. It’s a great way to keep your accounts as secured as possible.

VeriSign are currently BETA testing for particular BlackBerry models so see if you’re model is eligible.

To BETA test this app, go here