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In honor of the WHERE mobile application launching for the BlackBerry Storm, WHERE has partnered with BlackBerry Cool to give away a free BlackBerry to one of its readers.

I know what you are thinking: free BlackBerry?! Where do I sign up? The contest rules are easy. In haiku form, answer the question: WHERE is your BlackBerry right now? Leave it in the comments section of this post either in text or link to a YouTube video.

Top 10 haikus will be chosen by the WHERE team on March 10th. Then it’s up to you, BlackBerry Cool community, to vote for the winner. The winner will be notified via email on March 16th and will have a choice of a BlackBerry or Gift Card towards the BlackBerry store, value up to $400.

WHERE is your BlackBerry smartphone Right Now? Some Example Haikus to get you started:

Nestled in a warm
Place, my BlackBerry smartphone
Waits for a loud ring

In my pocketbook
Probably at the bottom
Under my lipstick

How to Score Additional Points:
• Standard Haiku format is 3 lines of 5,7,5 syllables. Please adhere to this format, or your entry may be disqualified. Prime Numbers Rule!
• Get an A or B list celebrity to read your Haiku on video and automatically Win! Note, Gary Coleman does not count as an A or B list celebrity but will be admitted under the condition that he reads your haiku AND says, “Whatcha talking about Willis”
• Mention WHERE in your Haiku and automatically get a brownie point
• How are we determining the top 10? The ones that make us laugh the hardest. Simple enough, right?

A little more about the WHERE mobile application. WHERE is a location-based application that uses GPS to help you find people, places and things. Whether it’s tracking down the cheapest gas, getting reviews to a new restaurant, satisfying your craving for a latte, or helping you find your friends in a crowded city, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon and more. WHERE also lets you see your places on a map, get directions and share locations with friends. WHERE can be downloaded from Built for and

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to your Haikus!

Comment, comment, comment!

  • ArjunSingh
    Wish you success
  • Ms_vip
    where ?!
    Deep in my heart ♥♥
  • FB Siphon
    where is mine? I will get within some days.
  • gerardo087
    WHERE is MY BlackBerry smartphone Right Now?
    You have it.... and i want it now
    thanks BlackBerry cool
  • lizdeya
    aaww i think BB is one of the most beautiful and cool celphone i´ve ever seen, i have some frieds that have bb and i have been using it hehehe I fell in love with the celphone, i liked the applications they are really cool, interet is fast and the most i liked BB pin*... i really would like to have a black,
    kisses from dominican republic

    regards: liz

  • lizdeya
    aaww i think BB is one of the most beautiful and cool celphone i´ve ever seen, i have some frieds that have bb and i have been using it hehehe I fell in love with the celphone, i liked the applications they are really cool, interet is fast and the most i liked BB pin*... i really would like to have a black!
    kisses from dominican republic

    regards: liz

  • pratik
    WHERE is my blackberry ?
    Its in my 2 year old sons mouth .. he loves the taste of it ..
  • joshua :)
    The Blackberry you seek
    Cannot be located, but
    Countless more exist.
  • joshua :)
    The Blackberry you seek
    Cannot be located, but
    Countless more exist.
  • Shohayeb
    WHERE?. In my dreams.
  • Shohayeb
    WHERE?. In my dreams.
  • KalaBROOKS
    how do you win a blackberry okay thanks
  • KalaBROOKS
    how do you win it is a blackberry
  • Katrina Horvath
    Exactly ......WHERE Is my Blackberry now .....all my friends have one ......I really need one , so I can talk through Blackberry chat , and not be the only one without one :(
  • mani
    hi this my mobile
  • Nick Veriker
    Had to many drinks
    Lost it in a cab, Why did
    I get so loser drunk?
  • mandeep kalra
    in my dogs mouth then went
    to his stomach and finally came
    out in the morning in the park
    and was covered with some yellow
    kind of picklle
  • johnique williams
    hi i am johnique williams
  • Tiki
    Micro USB
    Loading New Apps and OS
    Wiped & Ready Now
  • Daniel
    My bery is in bed
    It turns all red,
    Think he`s dead.

    I want his brother
    I think i drool
    I want his brother
    From "WHERE and BlackBerry Cool"
  • Adam Harwood
    I really like how BBCool failed to mention that WHERE also did this contest through and, and...eventually (march 11th--a day "late" according to this blog) picked some pretty craptastic haikus. Did the pinstack and BBCool entries get left by the wayside? Had I known CB was the **primary** (-ish) site for WHERE to cull from, I would have posted there.

    Thanks for keeping us in suspense. You made it look like you were their EXCLUSIVE partner for this contest--hence everyone bookmarking your page instead of WHERE'!
  • Thomas Houseman
    asleep on my desk
    while an umbilical feeds

    info travels back
    and forth without my knowledge
    as I surf the web

    sneaky little phone
    blinks and waits for calls to come
    or a travel day

    GPS and maps
    email phone games! part robot
    part Swiss army knife

    my Blackberry phone
    and I ride like two heroes
    into the sunset
  • John Warren
    A storm is brewing
    it's filled with dismay
    I thought the contest ended the 10th of MAY
  • John Warren
    My blackberry storm
    Where could it be?
    WHERE is where I haven't won it yet
  • Tom Daly
    brown leather holster
    napping until winter ends
    waiting for the (sp)ring
  • T-Rex
    It is on my desk
    Scheming to take me over -
    Use me as a glove
  • Lana G.
    I know where you are
    with the keys, locked in the car
    please unlock the door!

    (note: i really did have my phone locked in the car with my keys, it was like i was dead to the world for 48 hours... )
  • DannyBoy
    Haikus Read by Maureen Welch, Host for Living in Ottawa (

    God No, Oh No God
    No God, No Oh No C’mon
    Where the Hell is it?

    Berry in my Pants
    Profile is set to Vibrate
    Call myself again

    I will not tell you
    Where I hide my Blackberry
    Hints? Warm, Dark Hairy!
  • boroberry
    WHERE is my berry
    In the can with me at work
    Writing a haiku.
  • Andy
    My Storm is brewing
    Right WHERE it’s supposed to be
    Kicking iPhone’s ass.
  • Andy
    A Storm is brewing
    A Blackberry in my jeans
    Tell me Where to go.
  • Andy
    WHERE is my berry?
    Vibration in my pocket
    Oh yeah ooh la la.
  • DannyBoy
    I will not tell you
    Where I hide my Blackberry
    Hints? Warm, Dark Hairy!

    (My other one had a spelling mistake and it bugged me!!)
  • Paul Lively
    Boston's slushy streets
    push the needle past "E" -- Shit!
    WHERE *is* my BB?
  • Myuu
    Screaming, blinking "feed me!"/
    I can't find charger anywhere/
    Please just shut up now.
  • collin
    In my jacket pocket/
    Girlfriend's snowy cold eviction/
    Gmaps will guide to warmth.
  • Lewis
    In my back pocket
    WHERE it makes many phone calls
    My butt likes to talk
  • D Nagla.
    Hardcore vibrator.. on my Blackberry
    doing its thing somewhere needed
    obviously ringing in the purse reminding
  • P Sethi.
    WHERE is the sanity
    Obviously with WHERE and BBcool
    My BB will bring it back on track
  • Cornelius
    Where's Blackberry Curve
    On my hip in a belt clip
    Its Blackberry Cool!
  • DannyBoy
    Where do we send our videos with celebs???
  • Mukhtarova Nargiz
    Where is my Best Friend B.?
    I keep on Questioning..
    Where is my Blackberry??
    Where is my Everything?
    I cant do messaging,
    I cant stop searching it..
    Where is my Blackberry?
    Cant live my life like this:
    Without my Best Friend B.
    No one is calling me
    No one is waking me
    My mind is breaking 'coz
    It is just perfect and its no illusion
    I miss the display with the best resolution
    No one can help me with my confusion
    My heart is my Blackberry-
    That's my conclusion!
  • Christopher Kelly
    I hear it beeping.
    Now to the right, then the left.
    Think the dog ate it.
  • Haroon Choudery
    My Storm is hidden,
    In a bad person's pockets.
    I really hate thieves!
  • Christopher Kelly
    Glued to both my hands,
    Struggling with WHERE Haiku,
    Failing English class.
  • Christopher Kelly
    Bored on a spring night,
    Sought Eventful nonetheless,
    Used WHERE, bored, no more.
  • Christopher Kelly
    Sitting by the road,
    My Storm scanning Gas Buddy,
    Have to find a tow.
  • John Mijares
    My thumbs are hurting
    I have texted way too much
    Oh no, not again.
  • John Mijares
    Please start to charge me
    Now turning off radios
    Battery abused
  • John Mijares
    Over B-B-M
    I need to tell you something
    Please give me your PIN
  • John Mijares
    Handheld is ringing
    My calendar telling me
    Wake up sleepy head
  • John Mijares
    Strong and free indeed
    The RIM BlackBerry device
    No, it's not a phone
  • renzi555
    In my pants pocket,
    My berry zaps my berries.
    Silent birth control.
  • nikki l
    Where is? In bed
    Working up a STORM
    Once you go BLACK. Never go back
  • gavin
    Phone is in my hand
    At 100 Kp/h
    I'm Googling 'bout WHERE
  • gavin
    BBerry is in my hand
    Hurtling down the highway
    Whilst I Google WHERE
  • dgsinclair
    No telling you WHERE
    My leather g-stringed bberry
    Is running down, down...
  • dgsinclair
    Somewhere near the sink
    The LED flashes hap'ly
    Readying for morn'
  • chris
    Fingers aching from tapping
    Make it hurt so good
  • chris
    Oh! Is life not grand?
    While one holds one's blackberry
    Between one's two hands?

    Always connected
    Neither tied nor encumbered
    Laptops? Days numbered.

    My life is now planned
    Chin resting firmly on chest
    Between my two hands
  • Nathan Blackham
    On my side
    in a holster
    lies my berry
  • Mike Herring
    Tightly in its case
    Waiting now for its purpose
    Slightly dusty now
  • James Billings
    Cozy in my palm
    Listing WHERE things are nearby
    Ah, Starbucks... Thanks WHERE!
  • Robert Mills
    McGruff says no drugs,
    WHERE is the harm in some Crack,
    Berry that is, mine
  • Eyedol
    Ohh where da heck my Blackberry is
    Maybe in the stomach of a monkey
    Or Where the frogs dance Flamenco
  • Lynn Allgood
    WHERE, WHERE, shall I go?
    My Blackberry Storm knows-
    Touchscreen touches world.
  • Ovi
    My Robosapiens
    Has kidnapped my BlackBerry
    Call me to find it
  • gordon
    Sitting by keyboard
    Connected by black cable
    Loading new programs
  • Nate M
    Blackberry in Hand.
    Phone, Email, Web, GPS,
    Feeling connected.
  • DannyBoy
    Berry in my Pants
    Profile is set to Vibrate
    Call myself again
  • Kris S
    My toddler has my
    Berry, and is holding it
    ransom for Dora.
  • BobCajun
    I have put some really good ones... where are they?
  • CapnDap
    On break at airport,
    I should be training but no,
    My 'Berry comes first.
  • Young
    Where's the BlackBerry
    I'm glad to tell you baby
    she's still in my dream
  • Ithenkalot
    My Blackberry you
    Ask me WHERE, in my pocket
    Oh my not in there
  • Queen4111
    WHERE is my BB?

    In my bed,
    permanently attached to my right hand,
    Under my pillow.
    Vibrating every 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LM
    Lost my Blackberry,
    Can’t live without "my precious",
    Oh, WHERE could it be?
  • Bla1ze
    I poke on my screen hard...
    I poke on my screen harder...
    I realize the harsh reality
    WHERE did RIM go wrong
  • Coffy
    Sitting on my desk
    The red light always blinking
    blackberry cool do I win?
  • BobCajun
    I will no tell you
    Where I hide my Blackberry
    Hints? Warm, Dark Hairy!
  • DanyBoy
    God No, Oh No God
    No God, No Oh No C'mon
    Where the Hell is it?
  • djoneiro
    Oh WHERE Oh WHERE is,
    my Blackberry Storm oh WHERE,
    Oh WHERE can it be!?
  • Andrew
    Why ask why when there

    Is WHERE for you, him and her

    That is the question
  • Tim
    blackberry in hand
    my number two is complete
    enter at own risk.
  • KS
    Good question, WHERE is
    my Berry? I just
    haven't won it yet...
  • Priscilla JOhnson
    Where, I know you can help me locate by Blackberry. HELP ME, WHERE!
  • Kyle
    I would love a new BB!
  • Brent K
    WHERE is my 'berry?
    In my bed, bathroom, hand; my
    lover and best friend!
  • Michael Williams
    Sitting On My Porch

    Loving My Verizon Storm

    Together As One
  • WHERE is it? It's here.
    WHERE is it? It's near. Where is
    My Blackberry, Dear?
  • John H
    She's sitting right here next to me
    Wanting to know WHERE we will be going next
    If I only knew
  • wayne wong
    Haiku Venue's Cool,
    But can't devulge location
    Since don't own one...yet
  • sanjay s.
    don't be fool
    blackberry is cool
    treat it like a jewel!
  • rey sanchez
    WHERE would i be without

    my blackberrycooled storm and viigo

    probably lost in life
  • Adam Harwood
    When it's not a brick,
    My BlackBerry's at my ear.
    Oh, sweet addiction!
  • JG
    I don't really know.
    Asked girlfriend to use WHERE app.
    Oops, at the strip club.
  • Andy C.
    Where my life connects
    with others, my Storm creates
    the ultimate link
  • Monique
    Quietly cheating
    At trivia night downtown
    WHERE’s my BlackBerry
  • Darryl
    Berries gettin' juiced
    checkin my non-work mail wow
    prime for afterwork prowl
  • tom_d
    blackberry, who knows
    if I had one already
    I'd skip the haiku
  • Sebastian
  • Sebastian
  • Sebastian
  • Charles
    My blackberry is... Hold on... Oh no I left it in the car gotta go..
  • Mike
    Oh, BlackBerry Cool,
    Plus Where, the new useful tool
    Help me find my way
  • Paul
    Oops feeling like fool
    Where works great in Canada
    What a nice surprise
  • Nandini
    Damn you cup of milk
    Blackberry is NOT tasty!
    Now what do I do?
  • Paul
    Hungry for Tuna
    WHERE is Sushi with my Storm?
    Belly big with good Fish

    Need coffee for Meeting
    Quickly WHERE is a Starbucks
    On every Corner

    Two Chicks speak from WHERE
    I'm not buying the sales pitch
    Thanks for the Free Storm

    Widgets don't suck much
    Where is a Useful Program
    Canada was skipped
  • Krista
    In the shop again
    I dropped it in the toilet
    Still brickbreaker champ
  • Chris
    Where is my BB
    I could use WHERE to tell me
    Hey! look in your hand
  • murphy tha dog
    Driving within snow
    My blackberry called shotgun
    You are in the back
  • juana
    where is my cool Storm?
    Looking for it eveywhere
    my life will be gone
  • Leo P
    On my office desk
    Minding its own business, and
    minding my business
  • John F
    In my pants pocket
    set to vibrate when I'm called
    stimulus package
  • Todd C.
    Bottom of the lake.
    Waves of my tears wash the shore.
    Please, WHERE, a new phone.
  • Krista C
    Licking the touchscreen
    I type WHERE with my tongue
    Stay away from my Berry
  • Marc Morcos
    WHERE is my berry?!
    I use it when I crap, FLUSH,
    Crap, berry - don't mix!
  • Matt C.
    Blackberrys are COOL!
    WHERE can I use my 'berry??
    WHERE CAN'T I use it!!
  • Mainiak Blaniak
    Cold fluorescent glare

    Anonymous in a cube

    Typing this haiku
  • Craig M
    WHERE else would it be
    Giving me radiation
    Right next to my 'junk'
  • Kaser
    In the air it flies
    WHERE is it going today
    In that damn bird's mouth
  • JDMaker1
    My Blackberry is
    always right at my able
    willing fingertips
  • Bob R
    Whenever I look
    For gas, food, family or friends
    I'll ask my Blackberry WHERE
  • paul
    The safest place,
    On my belt,
    Next to my gun
  • Robr
    Sitting on my desk
    Streaming slacker to me now
    Happy it makes me
  • poshpantspaddy
    pants pocket are so protrusive
    old blackberry you are so terribly fat
    a new curvier look is where its at
  • Bob R
    My Curve is holstered.
    It will not stay that way long.
    I must check my email.
  • Diane T
    Come blackberry come
    to where my body's burning
    flood my thirsty drought
  • Nikki
    Still new, in its box
    with packaging undisturbed
    awaiting my win.
  • Philbert
    My Bold is missing
    The iPhone fanboys rejoice
    WHERE will help me out
  • T-MobileCurve
    My Curve's in my palm,
    always. Now, please tell me WHERE
    did I put my life?
  • Bull
    In a cup of rice
    Drying after a full wash
    I work again!

    - My curves story after going through a 52 min clothes washing cycle.
  • Chelsea
    Buried under foot
    WHERE sand stands,lies
    Speaks in vibration
    Until the STORM arrives
  • Neil
    Dropped in the water
    Where it sank to the fishes
    Oh what a bad day
  • los318
    Panic stricken me
    OH! Where is my blackberry
    Joyful vibration
  • conedude13
    Curve in my hand now,
    Where oh WHERE to eat some food,
    Now I know, thanks WHERE!
  • PB
    Sitting on my desk
    The red light always blinking
    Should I answer her?
  • Mike C
    Blackberry despairs
    in no-signal nightmare
    with no WHERE to go
  • Imad
    Where is my Berry?
    I just went to;
    Now I always know!
  • Mike Desjardins
    I'm BlackBerry-less
    My current phone is so old
    Can I please have one?
  • Chad D
    ouch my thumb is hurt
    using blackberry to find
    WHERE is the doctor
  • Dan McGoldrick
    Where else would it be
    Getting a dual thumb beat down
    And loving it all
  • Eric Hartwell
    Where, oh where has my
    BlackBerry gone? Oh WHERE
    Oh WHERE can it be?
  • Colin Hensley
    feel the buzz of mail
    where it meets cloth, and searches signal
    my pants are on fire...
  • artie
    On my desk
    Cord plugged in,
    Drinking energy now.
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