Tether your BlackBerry to your laptop - BETA test now

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TetherBerry is the latest app to help you tether your BlackBerry to your laptop. The app allows you access to the internet on your laptop through your BlackBerry’s data plan anywhere where there is network coverage. The launch date is March 9th, at which time the free BETA testing will finish. Make sure you sign up now!

The Beta has been recently updated to be compatible with 64 bit OS and can also handle UDP. When you sign up as a Beta tester, you’ll get a link to download on your PC and device. The software is not yet compatible with Mac but expect compatibility soon. Install and boot up the app, connect your device and you’ll be browsing the internet immediately with zero hassle!

Learn more and sign up for the BETA test here.

  • jackhoffer
    oh no we might break some rules who fucking cares you babies grow a pair
  • stephen
    If you go to your home page which is your bing search there is a green box that says get apps click on that and go to apps for fun or work. Then click on best sellers and tetherberryis right there like 3rd one down. Tell me they don't know about it? Lol
  • Ed
    I have to say I am impressed that verizon allowed it. Maybe they are starting to realize the resentment that is brewing(no pun) in the marketplace.
  • Stephen
    If verizon didn't want you to use it they would have blocked the app. Instead they located the app in the VZW APPZONE. And I called to make sure that I wouldn't be charged later on for it and the tech said that it is a APP that was approved by verizon and is the reason it is in their APPzone
  • the only issue I have with tether berry is that your carrier might find out your using the app and charge u .03 per kb used so user beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Carissa
    I actually had my verizon tech guy look at it for me. He says its a great idea and will save me a lot of money.
  • Ed
    but I repeat myself. I need to look at prior posts before pressing 'submit'
  • Ed
    Agreed. I wasn't trying to take an ethical stance. It's more about knowledge of what you're doing and the potential consequences than anything else.

    I used a similar product for WinCE called PDAREACH when I was a Sprint customer a few years ago. I didn't over use it and flew under the radar for 1-2 years. However that was Sprint. Verizon seems to be a lot more aggressive about squeezing every little bit of revenue that they can from their subscribers.
  • DavidB
    Violate the terms of your contract, go ahead. Doesn't cause me any problem, but some folks might not understand that this violates their contract. Many might not be so cavalier about it nor wish to risk it.

    Might you get away with it? Sure. I guess it's up to the risk tolerance or aversion level of each person. But being a Verizon hater and having convinced YOURSELF that it's okay to try "stiffing" them doesn't make it okay for all nor mean anyone else needs to "get a life".
  • nate
    Ed and DavidB need to get a life VZW and all the other carriers have been over pricing their service to comsumers for years, I think that once you open a contract, you sould be entitled to some free programs mind you, your already paying for enternet servces anyway.
  • ed
    Arms race? Yeah, I meant an arms race.. whatever.
  • Ed
    You'd have to encrypt traffic or else they can sniff browser agent strings and know people are using laptops. You can build an encrypted tunnel and proxy but they would soon find the IPs of your proxies. You'd then have to randomize IPs and ports used but then they can measure how much non-port-443-ssl encrypted traffic they are seeing and block that. It could become an arms war.
  • Ed
    It depends on the carrier. I used a similar app called PDAReach on Sprint for two years with no trouble but I did not abuse it. Greedy VZW won't wait for abuse. they'll figure out how this app works and filter the traffic.
  • DavidB
    Gotta agree with ed, this has got to violate some contract term or condition.

    While it would be cool to have free tethering, and if usage was light you'd probably fly under the radar, but no doubt some foolish idiot will soon have his laptop up and sucking down torrents watching sling/hulu/whatever and the carriers will either find a way to block it, will terminate customers, will sue these creators for creating something that bypasses their for pay service, or some combination thereof.
  • Chris
    I tried it, and while it's easy to use, it's slow. Tethering with a regular dial up networking connection I get 3Mb down, and with this software I was only getting 800k?????
  • ed
    I bet this violates the TOS for vzw and most other providers.
  • Bradley
    Still don't get it. The FAQ states: How is your software different then normal tethering?
    We do not have connection limits, no proxy settings, up to DSL speeds and works with almost every internet based piece of software without modification.

    How do you not have connection limits when I'm still going through my carrier? Is it because you are not using the isp.cingular servers so they dont monitor the usage? (I assume you are going to BIS, BES or some other proxy?)
  • Pandu
    Is it possible to do with a desktop computer?
  • sal
    any idea on when the mac version will be out?
  • Xandrex
    Bradley : you question is answered in the FAQ http://www.tetherberry.com/faqs
  • Bradley
    Why would you need this? My AT&T Bold tethers perfectly fine with my Thinkpad... Voice and data at the same time too!
  • John H
    The folks at VZW will just love this !!!!
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