Solitaire Buddy Gold for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip Reviewed

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Solitaire’s kinda tough to jazz up, but the people over at Nickel Buddy are doing what they can with this classic. You can choose card size, whether to automatically move available cards or not, background color, card back design, and whether to display or hide game statistics. It also features a decent user guide and help menu for in-game support (though few would need it, this really comes in handy for those individuals).

This is in addition to your standard features: namely, the ability to draw one or three cards at a time, and choice from a wide range of games (Klondike, Free Cell, Pyramid and ten others).

  • Auburn1975
    Used it for about 6 weeks and it is worth the money on my BB Storm. Looking forward to others like I used on my palm/treos for years. Is anyone aware of the status of getting Hearts ported over to the BB9530?
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