Solitaire Buddy Gold for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip Reviewed

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One of the things I like about this game is that it offers the user choice in both look and playability. This is definitely key to making an expensive (almost ten bucks) game that much more worthwhile. Everything works as advertised and I did enjoy playing it. My only concern is the price: for what the game does, I think it’s priced at about five dollars more than what it should be. Also, it’s a little difficult to play on the Pearl Flip because you can only really use the small and medium format cards (which are both quite small, as you may gather from the screenshots).

When played on the Storm (for which there is a version) or even the Curve, the gaming experience is far more enjoyable.


  • The game plays well, no glitches
  • Lots of choice in how you customize look and gameplay


  • The price
  • Somewhat difficult to play on the Pearl and Pearl Flip


I liked playing Solitaire Buddy Gold. Everything worked well, and I was given the choice to customize my experience wherever it was possible for the most part. I am disappointed in the price, but hey, if you’re willing to shell out nearly ten bucks for a game - at least it’s a classic that never fails to amuse - then go for it. My only advice is for you to purchase the game for a device with a medium to large screen (the Curve, the Bold, the Storm, and so forth): this will dramatically improve your overall satisfaction and enjoyment with this app.


4 out of 5

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  • Auburn1975
    Used it for about 6 weeks and it is worth the money on my BB Storm. Looking forward to others like I used on my palm/treos for years. Is anyone aware of the status of getting Hearts ported over to the BB9530?
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