Radio streaming for BlackBerry with iHeart Radio



Clear Channel has launched iHeart Radio for BlackBerry following their success with iPhone. WIth iHeart Radio, you can stream 150 of Clear Channel’s radio stations - all over cellular data networks or WiFi networks. The BlackBerry iHeartRadio application allows users to bookmark their favorite stations, tag songs and randomize radio streams. All music is broadcast in “high quality AAC.” The iHeartRadio BlackBerry application is currently only available on the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Pearl. The BlackBerry Storm is listed as “Coming Soon.”

Download iheartradio for BlackBerry here.


  • Ariel Gluckson

    How can you stream from locations outside of the US?

  • Tlmc08

    I can’t download on my bb bold ” not supported” thing is I had it on my last bold I’m missing the Indians game