Opera Mini in Russia and central Asian countries

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Opera has recently put out some research to suggest that local services and sites are key to the growth and sustainability of the mobile web.

Here are some quick facts about Opera Mini:

  • Opera Mini increased its total consumer user-base to more than 20.5 million. This represents more than 160% growth since February 2008.
  • Opera Mini users viewed 7.3 billion pages, a 290% increase over February 2008.
  • Opera Mini servers processed more than 1.2 petabytes of data in February, generating more than 124 million MB of data traffic for mobile operators worldwide.
  • Since February 2008, data transfers have grown 338%.

Get the full report here.

Now for some interesting, yet predictable international data:

  • Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are the top three countries for mobile Web use in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • Yandex and VKontakte replace Google and Facebook, respectively, as the top search engine and social network in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
  • Nokia is by far the most popular handset brand used by Opera Mini users in the CIS, followed by Sony Ericsson, which boasts the number-one handset in Armenia.
  • Russia and Ukraine rank high on the top countries for Opera Mini usage every month. However, there are many Opera Mini users in other CIS countries, such as Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Page-view statistics provide a good indication of how much Opera Mini is actually used by the people who have downloaded it. Uzbekistan led the way in the region with 2600% growth in the past year, while Moldova was second with more than 900% growth.

Other countries also saw impressive page-view growth numbers despite having been heavy Opera Mini users even in the past year. Page views in Russia were up almost 270%, while page views in Ukraine grew just under 400% over the past year.

Services targeted to Russian and users in the CIS remain popular. Yandex is the main search engine for most of these countries, and Google ranked ahead of Yandex only in Kyrgyzstan. Vkontakte is the top social network, although in some countries it is locked in a heated battle with Odnoklassniki. Georgia is the only country that does not feature Vkontakte in its top 10 sites.

  • nemo-maritime
    I for one use it for my BlackBerry and it works great. I think that Opera is suffering the same thing as it is on PCs. Most other browsers are preloaded and people are too new to their phones to try to download something new. Opera is a great browser, and I encourage anyone to at least try it.
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