American politicians don’t understand their BlackBerry

If you’re going to buy a BlackBerry, it’s important to get the right one. A recent article on Politico is ranting about American politicians complaining about the Storm’s touchscreen being difficult to type with. The article goes on to describe how certain politicians are finding the device much more difficult to write emails with than their previous device. Here is what the article says:

“The BlackBerry, to me, is a utilitarian tool,” said Rodell Mollineau, communications staff director for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). “It’s not easy to send e-mails on that thing. It is not a good touch screen, and it’s not like the iPhone, where there are so many other great features to it.”

Rodell said only one Reid staffer ended up getting the Storm, a senior adviser he wouldn’t identify by name. When Rodell told him that he thought the device was a bigger pain that it was worth, the adviser — an iPhone user — dismissed the warning.

“Three days later,” Rodell said, “I literally walk in and he’s cursing with four-letter words, and he was slamming it down, saying, ‘I can’t get e-mail to work all right.’ It just is not for people here who mainly use their BlackBerrys for that.”

There is so much that frustrates me about what they’re saying in this article. First of all, the iPhone isn’t a device for enterprise and will never be able to do what the BlackBerry does. Also, it doesn’t have “many other great features,” it has some fart apps and lightsaber simulators. Not exactly the stuff that makes for efficient communication.

Another important factor to note, is that there is a learning curve with the Storm. The above user only had his Storm for 3 days, which isn’t enough to have a valid opinion on anything let alone a feature rich smartphone. If you’ve been using the Storm for a few months now, you’ll for sure have noticed your typing speed has improved over time. Also, who slams a phone worth around $500? Talk about politicians wasting tax payer dollars.

If you’re in need of a phone that is as user friendly as possible for typing, go with the Curve 8900. The keys are isolated, raised and will allow you to send more emails in a day than you have contacts. These politicians just weren’t thinking.

8 Responses to “American politicians don’t understand their BlackBerry”

  1. 1 In The Know

    “These politicians just weren’t thinking.”

    Are they ever thinking?

  2. 2 Ken Miller

    Why a Bush picture? Why not Harry Reid, or the -one. They are the ones in power, not the Washed up Bush.

  3. 3 Al

    They get no brain

  4. 4 kitching

    I think they may be frustrated because of that learning Curve. They probably get many e-mails per day and are used to just pounding out replies pretty quickly. But for the communications director to say it just isn’t a tool for those that just want e-mail is false.

  5. 5 Blackberry Beard

    I have to say I agree with the politician. I used the Storm for four days and couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. As one of my many examples from the home screen I videoed it taking over two minutes to recognize that I was continually selecting Contacts before it responded correctly. I’ve heard from several people that I didn’t give it a long enough learning curve and my answer was “taking two minutes and twenty seconds to respond to a screen click is not a learning curve-its a stupid device.”

  6. 6 Rearden

    Politicians don’t usually think. And there is definitely a learning curve with the Storm. I had trouble for the first week or so, but since then, I’d never use a different touch screen phone.

  7. 7 Terry

    You obviously know nothing about the iPhone. At all. Also I think most people will agree that 3 days is a fair shake. To think they should give it months is just ridiculous.

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