BlackBerry BOLT browser free public beta test

The BlackBerry BOLT browser had a great public beta launch. Two weeks after its debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, BOLT surpassed 150,000 active users. If you’re a BlackBerry Cool reader, you likely downloaded one of the many private beta invites we were giving out.

The new BOLT browser offers:

  • Fast, secure, desktop-style web browsing on both high-end and low-end handsets
  • Streaming video capabilities
  • Split screen and full screen modes for easy navigation and viewing
  • Easily add and select favorites and view browsing history
  • Intuitive keystroke shortcuts for easier navigation and content selection
  • Protection against spyware and malicious or faulty add-ons
  • Extends battery life and uses less data than competing browsers
  • To join in on the public beta test, go here.

    For those of you who have already used it, what do you think?

    11 Responses to “BlackBerry BOLT browser free public beta test”

    1. 1 m1

      I can’t understand the hype on a browser that doesn’t improve on the current average alternative browser a’la opera mini. Let’s see cut/paste and ability to ota and then we can talk. Till then, why the hell wouldn’t I use Opera mini???! Lol, sorry.


    2. 2 Dave

      The trackball response is still painfully slow. Renders pages really fast though, but I still stick with the BB Browser.

    3. 3 ted

      this (Bolt) is a waste of time….. no improvement

    4. 4 spoilerfail

      This browser is unbelievablly slow.

    5. 5 Kirk

      I have Opera, I have Bolt, but still can’t find a reason not to use BB Browser. True, it does an really bad job of rendering some pages and gets locked on occasion, but the shortcuts and integration with the rest of the blackberry OS (ie saving pages, emailing, cut and paste, ota, etc.) Outweigh the downside. When I want to view pages with content BB Browser has trouble viewing, I use Opera (but inevitably encounter something I want to review in further detail later on my desktop and bang my head against the wall because I can’t email it to myself or cut and paste the address).

      I have not found any benefit with Bolt over Opera, but I haven’t really spent a ton of time using it.

    6. 6 Joseph. (Brampton, ON)

      This is the first time I have left any comments. But I read everyday through bbcool and vigo about the Opera mini and now Bolt on Beta. It seems to me that these two applications are still controversial. Why? What is the difference between the Blackberry Browser vs these two applications? I have the bold. I dont get everyones facination with touch screens! You put a bold and a storm on a typing speed test and hands down I know the Bold is going to kick you know what!!
      Anyway, sorry got carried away, Can anyone tell me if the applications are better than whats already defaulted on my phone? Bottom line, I guess im thinking, If its not broken, why fix it?

    7. 7 rob

      To the dudes behind BOLT:

      The majority of BB people want a tabbed BB browser, not an Opera Mini-type browser. Sure, you’re MUCH faster than the Opera Mini, for that I give you kudos.

      We want to see WAP pages (.mobi, m., et al), will you allow that?


    8. 8 Griffin

      I agree with everyone else that the trackball response time is absolutely positively painfully slow. Pages load a bit faster, but not a huge improvement from the bb browser.

      The one huge benefit I see, is that I am able to access my Hotmail account for the first time since upgrading my os. That’s about the only thing I use Bolt for. Other than that I’m sticking with bb browser due to the lack of speed with the trackball.

    9. 9 Eric

      The Bolt browser, to me was not enough of an improvment over the BB browser to keep using it. The speed of the trackball was imposibale!

    10. 10 Noah Fingway

      Bolt is supposed to be so fast; not at all my experience. Running a VZW Curve 8330; found the Bolt browser to be a real drag; gave up on using it as I found it much more problematic than the native browser or the other options.

      Would love to find something better on my BB.

    11. 11 john doe

      tried bolt. wish it could enlarge the web pages like the blackberry storm. also was able to access a secure website that i was not able to do with the blackberrystorm, and also with the new opera mini.things that i can do on a regular pc. so i am keeping it for just that one reason. other than that i like the blackberry browser

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