BlackBerry Cool haiku contest winner announcement

The winner is Lana G. who posted her haiku on BlackBerry Cool and won the attention of the good folks at Lana wins a BlackBerry of her choice and will be contacted by the company shortly. Congratulations Lana G! I’m totally PB and jels (jealous).

8 Responses to “BlackBerry Cool haiku contest winner announcement”

  1. 1 Caspan

    That is the worst Haiku I have ever heard… it does not make sense??? with the key locked in the….. locked in the what? unlock what door? there is no door on the blackberry. this is why I don’t enter contests they pick the stupidest crap as winners. what about the dog one???

    And I’m not a poor sport I never entered because this is the crap they pick lol

  2. 2 Uh Oh

    it appears that they merely omitted the last word on the middle line

  3. 3 Me


  4. 4 Brad

    100 entires and those were the 10 best? really?

    haiku |?h??ko?; ?h??ko?|
    noun ( pl. same or -kus )
    a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.
    • an English imitation of this.
    ORIGIN Japanese, contracted form of haikai no ku ‘light verse.’

  5. 5 Brian B

    Hey, they cut the last word on the 2nd line. And out of the ones that made it to top 10 it was the best.

    Good Job Lana


  6. 6 Lana G.

    Gee Thanks A whole bunch brad, me and caspan.

    Brad - I know what a haiku is, they should’ve said haiku format poetry considering almost all of the haikus were not about nature, the question was “where is your blackberry now?”

    Me - very insightful comment

    Caspan - your kind of mean i hope you realize, whether you like it or not, They screenshot the page and cut out the last word, therefore it didn’t make sense, but most people could see a word was missing… Still you don’t have to be so harsh about it, and if you wanna change the contests then suggest one and work on it with the company.

  7. 7 Brad

    shimmering surface
    light dances, buttons reflect
    dropped in a puddle

  8. 8 Brad

    Lana - don’t think I was singling you out. A lot of folks tried to make their haiku into a limerick.

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