BlackBerry Storm software giveaway: 20 free copies of Fart Storm

I have been told that Fart Storm is the only Fart app that runs on all OS versions of the Storm including v4.7.0.75. We’re giving away 20 free copies of this app and all you have to do is comment your favorite BlackBerry Storm app.

Easy enough right? So comment away and get your free app!

For more information about Fart Storm, go here.
Price $2.99

56 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm software giveaway: 20 free copies of Fart Storm”

  1. 1 kevin

    Favorite app for me is oddly, teslaberry. While driving 5 hours to Dallas last weekend, that app single handidly entertained my 2 year old for the last 1 1/2 hours of the trip. Truely a life saver

  2. 2 Marc

    My favorite app so far is the Superpages app.

  3. 3 dc


  4. 4 jason

    By far it has to be slacker radio

  5. 5 nemo-maritime

    I would say my favorite app is the Viigo feed reader. Its the one I use the most and a cool app that helps me stay on top of things, this case “things” being random news from random categories, but I cant start my day without checking up on it.

  6. 6 Paul

    SitorSquat! Never can have enough “outlets”. ;-)

  7. 7 ancora

    i like the WHERE app alot

  8. 8 Rick

    My favorite app is WeatherBug

  9. 9 Crakeur

    my favorite apps:
    nintai and marble trap for games
    wall street journal or ap mobile reader for news
    slacker for music

  10. 10 Jeremy

    gotta be Slacker

  11. 11 rudeboy

    favo app: Quicklaunch hands-down…
    close second: FileManager Pro..

  12. 12 joeS


  13. 13 DMAC

    TalkLock for sure….

  14. 14 b


  15. 15 Mike

    My favorite Storm app has got to be Slacker Mobile. I love being able to get high quality music on my Storm.

  16. 16 caveman007

    Favorite app in theory - Slacker Radio. In practice - VIIGO gets way more use.

  17. 17 Rob

    Mine is Viigo.

  18. 18 michelle Romero

    Slacker !!!

  19. 19 Steve Engelhart

    I use Viigo several times a day

  20. 20 CoolBB

    my favourite one is opera mini! so that I can surf the web on the big screen! woot woot or google now with voice activation!

  21. 21 Paul

    My favorite app is Viigo

  22. 22 CB

    VIIGO - I use at least 5 times a day.

  23. 23 Bradley Walley


  24. 24 Hayweed

    The fact that after 4 hours you can’t get 20 replies shows how few storms are out there. I bet if you did this for the iphone you would be at 200 responses. Thus the app giveaway shows how lame a platform this will be for the developers. And I don’t want the app and would not own a storm even while Verizon is giving them away. LOL

  25. 25 Michael

    Tetherberry FTW!

  26. 26 raddag

    Viigo baby

  27. 27 Joe


  28. 28 Magnumbi

    I have had my Storm for less than 24 hours but so far I like Viigo the best of those I have downloaded.

  29. 29 Coffy


  30. 30 Trevor Graham

    My Favorite app is Viigo!

  31. 31 handscreate

    My most used (and therefore favorite) app is QuickLaunch. Tied for 2nd would be Tiltris (Tetris addict), iSkoot (Skype client) & Slacker Radio

  32. 32 galpdawg

    poynt and where, most useful, use them all the time to find numbers and locations of stores, impresses a few people to!

  33. 33 Rob

    Hayweed-then why bother posting? Seriously!

  34. 34 Jim Spears

    I love FaceCall. It is something that should be built in the phone, but it isn’t.

  35. 35 foo


  36. 36 Erik

    The most I like is the slacker radio

  37. 37 FartMan

    Do I get a free copy?

  38. 38 FartMan


  39. 39 kaws

    quicklaunch.. (even though I think this already reached 20 posts.)

  40. 40 gg

    mine is talk lock

  41. 41 David

    My favorite app is definitely flightpath for the storm. Its a new free game.

  42. 42 Andrew

    for sure iHeartradio, I listen to the same morning show every morning on my 1.5 hour drive and i loose the darn station at 1 hr so finally now i can listen to the whole show, yayyyy

  43. 43 dude


  44. 44 albert

    Favorite app would be poynt and super pages as well and myspace app

  45. 45 Steve

    IBee Farting didn’t work on my Storm. I’d love to see if this one does.

  46. 46 John

    Does Hayweed’s comment count??

    Anyway, my favorite is slacker. Great app.

  47. 47 Craig

    Trapster…I’ve added a few red-light and speed cameras to the maps myself…

  48. 48 Jeremy

    My fav app has to be the “Easy Button”

  49. 49 Xandrex

    is it possible to record your own fart and then use it in the application? mine are symphonics.

  50. 50 charles

    Slacker definately slacker is my favorite app. And free also

  51. 51 Camilo

    my favorite app right now for my storm is the “thats what she said app” it makes me laugh all the time

  52. 52 LouTreize

    Why it’s the Blackberry Cool app *lick* *lick*

  53. 53 SallyK

    I would have to say my fave is the “That’s What She Said” app. It never ceases to bring the funny.

  54. 54 Kevin Franklin

    Word Mole

  55. 55 Sam L

    My fav app for the storm is smartguard

  56. 56 jonm


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