Coveroo at Demo 2009 - Power User Edition

Our friends at Coveroo are presenting at DEMO 2009, a conference where companies launch in front of venture capital folks, bloggers and traditional media. In between the sessions, Coveroo was taking people’s phones and using their laser etching to customize attendees phones. Not one to pass up a cool deal, I handed over my Sprint BlackBerry Curve to go under the Coveroo (friggin’) laser (beams). About two minutes later, I had what you see above. Coveroo is now etching on about 60 new additional devices as of today as well as adding in finishes such as metal and glow in the dark. I’m quite pleased with the end product, check them out on their website and be sure to tell them that BlackBerry Cool sent you!

5 Responses to “Coveroo at Demo 2009 - Power User Edition”

  1. 1 Kyle

    Nice! Nan the Power User just got more powerful.

  2. 2 M to the K

    That is absolutely awesome. I want.

  3. 3 Leetgnr

    Awesome, that would be wicked cool to bust that one out

  4. 4 ben

    SUPERstrong. I want. not sure whether to do my company logo to be a suck up or whether I want Domo.

  5. 5 kim

    hey ben…beauty is, you can get both and change up whether in work mode or not ;-)

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