File management software for BlackBerry

When I first saw the screen-shots of BilbyFile I was very excited about writing the review for it. I saw this great looking file manager where I could tag multiple files and move them all at once. I admit that some of my excitement was based on a few assumptions… you know what they say about those.

Let me start by explaining the application and then I’ll give you my list of assumptions that caused this app to bum me out.

• View device memory/SDCard/folders/files
• File properties
• Folder properties
• File: copy/move/delete/rename
• Folder: create/copy/move/delete/rename
• Star files: copy/move/delete

BilbyFile is a file manager that allows you to “star” (select) multiple files and then copy/move/delete them all at once. This is useful if you know exactly what all the files are called… This brings me to my failed assumptions.

Assumption 1: There would be SOME way to tell what the files are (I’m focused on pictures here.) Not only can you not change the way files are viewed (list, thumbnail, etc.), you can’t even open the file from within the application to see what it is.

Assumption 2: An application geared towards making my file management easier would be easier. My main complaint here is a total lack of shortcut keys, and believe me when I say I didn’t miss them… I tried every key on my device. At least a shortcut key for “staring” all those files it was supposed to be so easy to copy and move would have made a huge difference. Instead, I am left hitting my menu button, scrolling down to the star button and selecting it.

Assumption 3: There would be some consistency in how it handled tasks. For example, I renamed IMG00005.JPG to IMG00005 and it disappeared from my BilbyFile, which I assumed meant it only showed recognized file types, as it showed right back up after I named it back from the native file explorer.

To double check, I renamed IMG00004.JPG to IMG0004, and it still showed up with the new file name.

While the app is relatively inexpensive, and I could conceive a few instances where it might come in handy, I don’t think I’ll find enough use for it to even keep it on my BlackBerry.

To purchase BilbyFile, download the file here.
Price $3.99

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  1. 1 nah.uhh

    Bbfilescout is way better
    Pay hina dollart tho..

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