Free Android theme for the BlackBerry Storm

ECruz0102 has posted a free Android theme on the CBForums. The theme supports BlackBerry Storm 95xx devices and OS 4.7. Remember, this is only a theme so don’t expect any OS changes. The theme comes in two versions. The first, gives you the bottom mounted dock on the main screen, giving you quick access to your ten most-used applications. The second, version has a Today-Plus theme with five user apps docked at the bottom.

This is an unofficial theme that may not be totally QA’d so install at your own risk. Battery pull required.

Get Android X here.

  • 5 User Icons on top and 10 on the slide all users icons with today plus feature
  • Get Bottom Slide Dock v1.3 here.

  • 1.3 alarm indicator relocated and resize and underlay added to slide menu.
  • Get TodayPlus Version v1.3 here.

  • Top 2 icons are Messages and Calendar Bottom Dock is Top 5 users App and the Tab is a button for the App Menu. Underlays for the main screen also.
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    1. 1 WillT

      This theme is sweet on my V Storm. Mine has 5 apps docked on the top of the screen and a slider of 10 apps on the bottom. I have the calendar on my “top 5″ and when you activate it (without clicking) it shows the next 8 appointments.

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