Free BlackBerry Bold, Storm and Curve themes

eVeek has released a set of free BlackBerry themes for the BlackBerry Bold, Storm, and Curve 8900. It is called Sterling and has a nifty vertical carousel animation.

All of the icons are hidden to reveal the one in focus which is very useful in clearing the homescreen of any clutter. It’s a very wallpaper-friendly theme definitely worth your attention…totally free!

Download a free theme for your Curve 8900 here.

Download a free theme for your Bold here.

Download a free theme for your Storm here.


8 Responses to “Free BlackBerry Bold, Storm and Curve themes”

  1. 1 Mark

    This theme brings the 8900 to its knees. Very, very slow.
    I’m running OS .168

  2. 2 Mike

    Wow, they look nice and sharp. Will be trying this one for sure, dunno why but I always go for the dark themes for the Storm, just looks better to me.

  3. 3 Cromag

    The side-mounted bar works very well for the lower models (bolt, curve) because the screen is always horizontally formatted, which means you still have plenty of space for wallpapers.

    The storm has a left hand menu bar on the homescreen however, and ends up taking up too much space because the home screen is kept in portrait and you’re left with a smaller portion for wallpapers. I think for the storm this would work much better if the “dock” was on the bottom, then you’d have all kinds of space for wallpapers.

    Otherwise it looks like this is a great theme that has had a lot of time put into it.

  4. 4 Bradley

    Want a really good usable themes for the Bold that are free?? I personally use the 8 custom icons today calendar and messages theme.

  5. 5 Join Woram

    Nice theme

    I love this


  6. 6 Bold_9000R

    On the Sterling Theme for Bold, where is the “SMS and MMS” icon?
    I can not find it for the live of me.

  7. 7 Solomo Bruni

    Terrible theme. No point in even downloading this crap. eVeek really let me down this time :(

  8. 8 Solomo Bruni

    Terrible Theme!

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