Free BlackBerry Storm applications - YouTube, Weather and Tiltris

Lately I’ve been posting a lot of links to software and staying away from the typical news. I’m really trying to build a community around BlackBerry apps where we can share information and our thoughts about the apps with the community. In the end, BlackBerry Cool should be a discovery portal for the best and most useful apps in the BlackBerry space, as well as a place to talk about the news.

Let the community know what you think about these apps:

YouTube for the BlackBerry Storm

A YouTube client for the Storm makes searching and finding popular videos along with signing into your YouTube account a cinch.

Download it OTA here.

WeatherBug for BlackBerry Storm

Knowing what the weather is like is best left to smartphones. Who listens to the weather on the radio anymore? Also, getting your weather from TV is so 2002.

Go here to download WeatherBug.


Tiltris is a replica of Tetris (obviously) and it uses the accelerometer to play. It’s just missing the classic Russian dance hits to keep the stress levels high.

To download, point your browser to, select Quick Download, and enter the code 51216. You may also be required to do a jig and say the alphabet backwards.


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  1. 1 rudeboy


    kinda old news… where’s the announcement that the official OS update for the Storm is available, version 0.90… i installed it around lunch time. (no joke)

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