Free eReader BETA application for BlackBerry

The eBook retailer Fictionwise, which was recently acquired by Barnes & Noble, is beta testing the release of eReader for BlackBerry. The eReader software enables BlackBerry users to download and read their eBooks anytime and anyplace, and offers an interactive OTA shopping experience.

To try eReader for BlackBerry, point your BlackBerry browser to

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  1. 1 Eric Shotwell

    When I try to load and run eReader for BlackBerry on my BlackBerry 8830 running OS 4.5, I get the following message: Error starting ereader_bb: Module ‘ereader_bb’ does not match codfile timestamp of sibling module ‘ereader_bb-6′.

    So I couldn’t even try the software.

    Also, it seems a bit um… Bloated, at nearly a meg of memory. Mobipocket doesn’t take up that much space, as I recall. If anyone can get this to work, let me know by posting here… I’d love to download it but the current version isn’t working for me because of that error.

  2. 2 Dana

    I had the same problem on my Pearl. You need to go to the full eReader site, click download now for the free eReader software, then select BlackBerry, copy the link, then paste it into your BlackBerry browser and begin the download. Mine works fine now. Hope this helps.

  3. 3 eric shotwell

    Can someone paste the “real” link here?

  4. 4 eric shotwell

    Here’s what the site says. Have not confirmed that this works yet:

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