Free flashlight app for your BlackBerry

This app has the same basic flaw that all the others of the same type do: the inability to toggle. I have to either flash myself in the face, or reach my thumb awkwardly around the front of my device to turn it off. While the app does exactly what it says it will do (and for free), it does have some other drawbacks. I took a light meter (the same kind used in photography) and measured the apps output. I then wrapped cardboard around my screen and measured again, yielding the same output as the first go round. So what does this mean? I am wasting precious battery life by having my backlight on. That being said, this app has become one of those “what’d I do without it” apps.

Download BerryTorch for free here.

(Special thanks go out to Collin for sending in his 2 pennies.)

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  1. 1 RumBerry

    For device with built in camera’s, why wouldn’t you simply turn on the video camera where the video light can be set to on?

  2. 2 Blackberry Beard

    Uhm…but everyone who has an 8300 blackberry and later already has a built-in flashlight app. Its called Video Camera and you just set the Video Light option to On and you’re done.

    Please enlighten me as to the additional value this offers.

  3. 3 FL

    Ditto on the video camera light.

    Not all BBs have built in camera’s though so this app has some value to people with those models.

    For someone with a built in camera with the OS that supports the video camera the only use I see for this app is if you want a light source that’s not as bright as the flash… That thing IS pretty bright… Not so considerate in a movie theater or dark airplane.

  4. 4 ed

    It would be nice to have an app that quickly turns on the bright vidcam LED and turns off the screen. Vidcam is awkward because some times you have the LED off and need to turn it on. You don’t want the LED on all the time when

  5. 5 Per Helger

    This youtube link says that ShortcutBerry allows you to turn on ‘Flash Light’ any time from any other application:

    I think they also have a free trial version on Mobihand:

  6. 6 Lance

    Uncaught exception on this dl. Won’t function. Tried changing permissions. Deleted app.

  7. 7 Svein Toennessen

    Thanks Helger,

    I downloaded ShortcutBerry’s free trial version. Cool application.
    I configured it to turn on the Flash light when double clicking the left side convenience key.

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