Free theme for BlackBerry Curve 83XX - The Perfect Storm

This definitely isn’t the nicest looking theme I have seen but it’s free. If you’re a theme junkie with an 83XX series device then check it out. It hasn’t been through the necessary QA so don’t bet your life that it’ll work. Here are some notes from the developer:

  • When you do receive a message, there will be a red dot next to Messages caret.
  • I also used 9000 unread and message icons.
  • The Homescreen icons ARE changeable.
  • Download the theme from this OTA link here.


    5 Responses to “Free theme for BlackBerry Curve 83XX - The Perfect Storm”

    1. 1 Steve

      Why bother posting the theme and writing a review if you are going to degrade it? Maybe you should take review lessons from

      This theme is functional and useful. Sure, it does not have all the fancy graphics and bells and whistles, but it gets the job done with a professional look, unlike some users that prefer to have Hello Kitty or some other meaningless cartoon character.

    2. 2 Jay

      Nice theme, but it doesn’t seem to load the icons for the messages folder and the calendar properly. Will reinstall again

    3. 3 jason

      This is the best theme I’ve come across for the curve 8320 (including both free and paid ones I’ve seen). To address the above poster, those icons are either blank or made to blend into the background since the main screen has the links to both messages and the calendar.

    4. 4 BJ

      Jay, Did the reload help with the icons

    5. 5 Signal20

      I agree with Steve, this theme is very nice and I’ve been looking for something featuring Today. This fits the bill and I am happy with it. Tired of themes copying other BBs or the iPod its nice to see something distinct. D/L its free!

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