Google Voice Search for the BlackBerry UPDATE

Google Search for BlackBerry now uses voice search. I put it on my BlackBerry Storm 9530 and it recognizes speech fairly well.  On the Storm it brings up the keyboard which you can’t get rid of. This I found slightly annoying.  Also, it isn’t obvious how to scroll through the selections. Google Search looks great on my Storm and I’m curious, how does it look on your device?

{ED NOTE: The title said Storm because that is what the author was using. It did not mean to imply a version specifically for the Storm.]

Check out Google Search for BlackBerry here.

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  1. 1 Bla1ze

    The issues you are having are due the fact this is NOT a storm supported application (that and well the OS on the Storm is junk) , Google even states have it on a Storm is cool and all, but it’s not meant to run on it. Might wanna let people know that considering it will no show up on their browser as even being available for their device, the only way around that is to do a direct download of the application from..

    And compatability mode cannot be disabled as it pretty much renders it useless for using the apps at the top.

  2. 2 SoftwareSweatshop

    I like the new interface but the voice recognition is weak. I searched for “agile pairing” and it gave me “vaginal tearing” ;-)

    Vlingo’s voice recognition is the best I’ve ever seen but I still like the new Google app.

  3. 3 murphy tha dog

    Hmmmm, I only had to say “agile pairing” twice before it got it. The first time it pulled up “hey joe lyrics”, even with my southern twang I’m not really sure how it came up with that. The second time dead on. It’s not perfect, and definitely wait for the update if you have the 9530.

  4. 4 NA

    It’s not working on my storm. Aside from the fact that it’s not made for the Storm, it also wont do voice search. Says “unable to record voice.”

    Thanks Bla1ze for the link though.

  5. 5 murphy tha dog

    That’s strange, the scrolling didn’t work for mine, but voice did. Then I turned off compatibility mode, that seemed to make it work better but not perfect. I think Storm users should wait until there is an update.

  6. 6 WebRangler

    I just installed the Google Mobile App from the link posted by Blalze. This doesn’t seem like a very friendly Storm app as the article suggests. Not only does the keyboard always display and can’t be turned off, but when I press the call button so I can do a voice search it says that it’s “Unable to record voice” and only allows me to cancel the voice search. I have a 9530 Storm on Verizon so if this post is accurate then what am I doing wrong? Is Blalze’s link wrong for the Storm download? If I follow the link given at the end of the post on my phone then it just takes me to but gives me no options to install the Google mobile app with voice search. Any suggestions JW Luce? :)

  7. 7 storm user

    Ok there Bla1ze where exactly did Google say that the Storms OS was junk, I would really love to see a link to this, seems to me like this if “your” opinion.

    And why would the OP state that this is for the Storm, when it is not? Very misleading and a bad call on BlackBerry Cool’s part. :(
    I am beginning to understand why is the only place to get BB news, they deliver facts and not misleading info.

  8. 8 Bla1ze

    @storm user

    You’re misreading…”the fact this is NOT a storm supported application, Google even states that. their mobile blog.

    “(that and well the OS on the Storm is junk)” was my opinion…

  9. 9 Bla1ze


    My link is right…the fact it’s not a supported application is the issue, as noted in my comment.

  10. 10 WebRangler

    Thanks for clearing things up Blalze. My bad on misunderstanding the article and the OP. I did as Murphy said and turned off compatibility mode and it seemed to work better… still no voice of course. Hopefully they’ll support the Storm properly someday soon.

    IMHO the Storm OS is not junk… it desperately needs an update though. I’m not brave enough just yet to patch to a leaked beta OS so I’m stuck on the old one ( till Verizon or Blackberry push out an official patch.

  11. 11 Sunfaller

    Yes, thanks for the link!
    Google’s page wouldn’t accept my Canadian mobile number, and no download link showing when going on my mobile browser. App installed and working fine on my BB Storm 9530 with original (in Canada).

  12. 12 smartsdesign

    :-) it works fine on the curve.

  13. 13 Buzzedword

    I agree with all of you. OS from verizon blows the dog. However, OS does not, and with the release of next week, the OS will be highly usable. I’ve been using for the past month, it is light years ahead of verizon’s release. In fact, .80 is exponentially better than .75. You should reserve further judgement of the Storm until the new OS comes out, when the hardware is truely unlocked.

  14. 14 Ned A

    would you send me .125? :)

  15. 15 Nick

    Yeah. Ill take .125 to. Where can we get it? :)

  16. 16 travisn000 too!!


  17. 17 Rgustafson85

    Where exactly did you get .125? That’s what inquiring minds want to know…I would like to try it out…but no one has ever heard of .125…unless you work for RIM or VZW and have insider info???

  18. 18 family_jeweLz

    I’m in the mobile development industry (done some work for RIM) with lots of experience with bbery os -..(FLAME SUIT ON) IMHO all other bberry os’s are junk, Storm was the only BBerry worth buying…(i think)

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