How to efficiently manage your BlackBerry’s data

Does your BlackBerry spend a lot of time hourglassing? Do messages in your Facebook client mysteriously disappear from time to time? Do you have dozens of applications loaded on your BlackBerry? If so, then you may be running out of disk space.

Since you probably don’t want to remove some of those hard-found programs, you should look at Aerize Card Loader 2008.

A simple OTA install, Aerize Card Loader allows you to install and run applications from an SD card, rather than the file memory in your device. The result is that you can have even more programs available to you and your Facebook messages won’t keep disappearing.

There are two ways to manage programs using Aerize Card Loader: OTA installs and copying the COD files to the SD card from your computer.

In the first instance, you download the application as you normally do, but you select “Save to SD Card” before clicking download. (If you don’t see the “Save to SD Card” option, you may need to enable “browser filtering” in the interaction permissions for the Aerize Card Loader application.)

The second method of installing applications involves connecting your BlackBerry to your computer via the USB cable in Mass Storage Mode. You then navigate to the SD Card and copy all the COD files into the Loader folder. (You might have to create the Loader folder if this is the first time you’re using Aerize Card Loader.) Once you’re finished copying files to the SD card you can disconnect it.

The application will then appear in Card Loader on the list of available applications with an SD card icon next to it. When you want to use one of the programs on your SD card you simply open Aerize Card Loader, choose the desired application and select the Load menu option. When you’re finished you open go back to Aerize Card Loader and select the Unload option for the application. Depending on the application, you might be prompted to reset the device once it has been unloaded because it is uninstalling software. If you’re unloading a number of applications at the same time, you probably want to set the “only prompt on exit” option in Aerize Card Loader so that it will only prompt you to do the reset when you exit it rather than after each uninstall.

Now, there are some limitations in terms of the programs you can use with it. Programs that automatically start or listen in the background are going to be problematic. The FAQ also lists applications that use native interfaces as not suited for Aerize Card Loader. But, well-behaved programs that do not run in the background and close cleanly are ideal, particularly if you don’t use them that often, such as foreign language phrasebooks or some games.

If you’re tight on file space in your BlackBerry, Aerize Card Loader 2008 might be the solution for you. You can try it for 7 days with a fully-functional version before you have to buy an activation code.

Get Aerize Card Loader here.

Price $10

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7 Responses to “How to efficiently manage your BlackBerry’s data”

  1. 1 Rich

    This is the worst application I have tried to date. I was really disappointed because it is such a great idea. Nothing worked with it. The “Download to SD” option would only pop up for the first application I tried. BUT, it wouldn’t download. The download button wouldn’t work. Ok, try again. Trying further downloads, the download to SD option wouldn’t even come up. Deleted and reinstalled 3 times, all with the same results. I really hope they figure this one out.

  2. 2 gordon

    Hi Rich…

    Did you enable the browser filtering permission?

  3. 3 Randy A.

    Had a similar experience. I tried to download BBTetris OTA and the Save to SD card option would show up and would be checked. When I attempted to download I got a message about browser filtering permissions. Sure enough this was set to deny. I changed to allow and then proceeded to download. However the option to Save to SD was now gone and it download to built-in memory. Ok so I figured I would try allowing browser filtering before I tried to download. I then proceeded to download the game again and the option to Save to SD was not available.

  4. 4 gordon

    I checked out BBTetris and it’s a .jar not a COD file. That may be the source of your problems. I went through the process you did and noticed the second time there was a delay before the Save to SD appeared, but it did appear.

    Aerize Card Loader is designed for CODs, so that’s all I tested with it.

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