How to make calls faster on your BlackBerry Storm

PicureDial is a convenient method for making quick calls that bypasses searches in your contact list. It saves the time of searching long contact lists for your frequently made calls. The app works well once set up properly, but the setup can be painful. With a max. of 24 contacts and only one e-mail address permitted per contact, it does have its drawbacks. It also does not maintain a sync with your contact list – but rather keeps its own database. This app is good for those who make frequent calls to the same people. It could use a few more features to make it a top performer.


1. In general, importing a contact was easy. The biggest problem with this app is the picture editing (see below).
2. When you are editing a contact, there is no save / cancel area on the contact info page. You just click the back arrow (or close), and it asks you if you want to save. There should be a separate save button. It’s odd that there isn’t.
3. When installing, the Icon has its own default. You don’t have an option to change. No big deal, but I would like to have the option of using a different picture.

Picture editing

1. Seems to take a long time in getting the pictures loaded. Make sure the photos are edited before you use them – for rotation, zoom, etc. because….
2. The picture editor is awful. It continually rotated my pictures, and is not easy to use.
3. Very slow response time in loading pictures. I would rather it look for pictures everywhere (on the device, and the card) and view them all at once, rather than showing me the folders so I have to search. The search process is long.
4. The final recommendation is to not bother with this picture editor – it isn’t worth the headaches and the trouble. See recommendations for how to set this up much easier.


1. See the above YouTube video, it gives excellent instructions.
2. Once setup, it works great. It’s very easy to use, and operates without a hitch. All you have to do is click on a picture, and it lists all of the contact info – you can call, text, e-mail, etc. Response time for calling is quick.
3. Has a faster operation than the storms built in speed dial feature.


1. I used contact search to find my contact for an associated picture. It picks up most of the info, but doesn’t allow more than one e-mail address. I would like to see the capability for multiple e-mail addresses, much like outlook. Right now, I just set it on the one used most often. Otherwise, I would need two pictures for the same person – one at home, one at work, so that multiples could be used.
2. When you enter the data, there is no “save” on the menu. You have to select “close”, and then it prompts you to save. A bit confusing.
3. When I had only 4 photos on the front, I ran my finger across the screen and they disappeared. I could scroll, even though there wasn’t enough to scroll on the screen. This shouldn’t happen.


1. Can only hold 24 contacts maximum.
2. It uses the contact info in your contact list to install, but then uses its own database to store the information. If anything changes in your contact, you need to go in and edit it again in picturedial. Very inconvenient.
3. Only one e-mail address per contact.


1. To properly setup a contact using outlook, add a picture to the persons profile while within outlook. This will then reconcile with your address book on your BB, and the picture will be included. When setting up a new contact, picturedial recognizes that you have a picture and defaults to using that picture. Using this feature saves all the photo editing headaches within the app. If you don’t have Outlook, you will be forced to use the picture editor within the app. In this case, just use whatever you have on a desktop, and e-mail the picture to yourself, and then save it on your phone. While it sounds like a lot, it is a much easier process than using the editor.
2. What would be real slick is if you could hook this up to a facebook (or other networking website) message address to contact people. Perhaps also instant messenger.
3. Once it makes a contact, I would like the ability to move that contact to the home page on my storm, if I call that person frequently. I’m not sure if this is possible or not.

Get a copy of PictureDial for the Storm here.

Price $5.95 until Mar 20

[Special thanks goes out to BBCool reader Jude for this great review of Picturedial for the BlackBerry Storm]

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  1. 1 RummyCardGames

    Nice app! I will try it right away!

  2. 2 danny

    Thanks for the review.

    By default when you load the picture PictureID will resize the picture to fit the thumbnail 120×120. It will maintain the aspect ratio. The only time you want to edit is if the original picture is really big eg: 1240×960
    If you like editing your pictures on the desktop make the size 120×120

  3. 3 cg

    Nice review….however there is a Free app called Facecall which has been out fo a while, similar to PictureID but simpler & you can have multipul e-mail addresses.

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