iHeartradio for the BlackBerry Storm

Recently, iHeartradio has launched a BETA for the BlackBerry Storm. The user interface looks slick and I just wanted to share some screenshots.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can download iHeartradio for the BlackBerry Storm here.

7 Responses to “iHeartradio for the BlackBerry Storm”

  1. 1 Paul

    It says “Sorry your Blackberry does not support iheartradio at this time.”

    I’m using the storm. Is this because I’m in Canada?

  2. 2 causse

    nope.. don’t work, storm not supported when you use the link given.. must be a different way to get the beta.

  3. 3 jw luce

    From what I can tell no it doesn’t work in Canada. Something to do with the laws. I believe Nobex RC works in Canada.

  4. 4 Keith

    I get the same thing and I’m in Georgia. Where do you get the beta for the storm?

  5. 5 Keith

    I found that you must access the link from your mobile phone.

  6. 6 Mary

    I actually went and tried this today on my blackberry storm and it worked absolutely flawlessly! I had heard buzz about it not being available yet for the storm but today i typed in “iheartradio” in my browser from the phone and it downloaded fine. it sounds really good and very user friendly! great app for a great price = FREE :) I have all positive things to say about this product

  7. 7 Alex

    think it only works in the US. also, i did the same thing as Mary. entered iheartradio.com into my bb browser and was able to download it right away. i follow the brand on twitter (yes i’m a tech geek lol) and they provided a link as well. it’s iheartradio.com/blackberry. hope this helps.

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