Is your BlackBerry experiencing outages?

Users across the US and Canada are reporting BIS issues. A member of the BBCool community wrote me to say his email has been acting up and the blogosphere is reporting the same issues. Rogers, AT&T and Verizon customers are experiencing outages.

How is your BlackBerry doing?

33 Responses to “Is your BlackBerry experiencing outages?”

  1. 1 CB, Sr

    Occassionally from VZW.

  2. 2 PC

    Very laggy emails here from Bell Mobility Vancouver

  3. 3 Billy Bob

    Lagging in the US with T-mobile.

  4. 4 Mike

    Sporadic email here in South Florida. Get 1 every few hours. Internet was completely down this morning.

  5. 5 Andrew

    Nothing other than my standard 10 minute wait for Gmail :(

  6. 6 PL

    Telus (in Vancouver) freezes and lags have prompted a few BB reboots on my end.

  7. 7 Jeff B

    Was a lag earlier today…seems much better now. Rogers East Coast of Canada.

  8. 8 Al Sacco

    Definitely something going on with AT&T BIS. Gmail messages keep arriving in sporadic bursts…


  9. 9 Nick

    I’ve had a few laggy issues with AT&T recently.

    My gmail is usually lag free.

  10. 10 Brian J King

    A little bit with VZW here in Ohio, but not much. Try re-sending service books from your BIS email website perhaps?

  11. 11 TechBabii

    this was my 1st since having my BB. it was down almost an hour…you should’ve seen me resetting and doing a pull!

  12. 12 Martha

    A bit lagged from Sprint. I’ve been blaming it on the rain we are having.

  13. 13 jimmyjaymz

    Experiancing something emails come in a block about every hourm I get them all at once.. On sprint

  14. 14 bill

    VZW for the last 4 days. Getting bunch of mails at random times. VZW that they don’t show a problem.

  15. 15 gordon

    I’ve noticed some lag on Rogers today. Re-sending the service books this morning seemed to unclog things, however even the Rogers BIS web interface took longer than usual to come up.

    It’s *is* Friday the 13th, after all.

  16. 16 Michael Massaro

    Not very reliable here today in suburban DC on ATT.

  17. 17 Chris

    My hotmail yesterday lagged around 4 hours and today gmail has been lagging 30 minutes or so at times. :(

  18. 18 eddY2K

    T-Mo has been iffy for me since yesterday. UMA in and out, connection problems for viigo and my browser. Hopeing it’s ironed out soon.

  19. 19 kent Bryant

    Same in okc, since yesterday entire slow down. Dragging … Email viigo .. And the internet
    Verizon ..

  20. 20 ray bell

    Hi from uk.

    I gotta say my curve 8320 has never been better (I’m on o2 carrier but At&t firmware on phone):

    For my lifestyle these apps really help -

    Opera mini

    *note* I was looking to change my phone as it was becoming slow in switching between apps/tasks but then I came across MAXMEM - what a dream my phone is super responsive now.

    Regards to all you ‘Berrier’s’

  21. 21 Scott

    VZW DELAY ISSUES. This coupled with battery issues are quite annoying…

  22. 22 Jon

    Telus is A OK.

  23. 23 Kara

    have had a lot of lag the last couple of days; no access for several hours Thursday. Verizon.

  24. 24 Jon

    Storm OS is very buggy-or maybe it´s the phone—or Vodafone. At any rate, SMS and Blackberry messenger have frequent outages for days. The “Service number” for sending and receiving them just arbitrarily disappears and has to be reentered at the store. I´ve had the phone for 4 months, and just yesterday, received 23 “Welcome to Vodafone” messages within 3 minutes. All informing me that i have an email account.
    It takes on average 5-8 minutes to reboot, which it seems to do all by itself from time to time. Or it will hang when trying to load or exit a program. DID MICROSOFT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WRITING THE OS??
    And the accelerometer switches the screen layout when you don´t want it to and won´t switch it when you want it to. Further, it doesn´t work at all outside in the German winter.
    I could go on. In short, If I had it to do over again, knowing how much trouble I´ve had and am still having, I´d have go with another phone. I keep holding out hope that the next OS update will fix the problems, but none have so far.

  25. 25 Tafari06

    I’ve had nothing but problems with my bis for the past month. I’m in Bowling Green KY and its been this way for a month now. ATT is telling me that everything is ok but my phone is telling me otherwise. I even switch out my phone thinking it was my phone but the new phone is doing the same thing. I can’t connect to the internet & my email is lagging about 45 minutes to an hour behind.

  26. 26 Sheri

    I have been having problems with VZW for the past two days. Had to resend service books several times yesterday, but not even that is working so far this morning. Very annoying.

  27. 27 mike

    In the past week I’ve lost data access completely twice on Verizon. A restart fixed it both times

  28. 28 mike

    In the past week I’ve lost data access completely twice on Verizon. A restart fixed it both times

  29. 29 Danny

    Here in Ottaw i have dad problems for about the last couple of days. Hotmail has had about an average of about a 4 hour delay even when I reconcile manually. About 20 e-mails have been hard to send as it just wont send… And txt msg’s… don’t even get me started!!! I can’t even count how many times I have taken the battery out to reset it. It’s a real pain as I count on this to run my 6 stores.

  30. 30 BBP

    Ever since the Gmail outage a few weeks ago, my 8100 has been going haywire. My main Gmail address doesn’t show a notification; the SEND function on my menu disappeared, so I have to access Google/Gmail to send email instead of directly from my BlackBerry address. Does anyone have a solution? Help!

  31. 31 k

    No apparent problems in Chgo on TMO.

  32. 32 Nicolas Roberge

    I am experiencing lagging incoming emails. I have the unit since January and they were instantaneous. Now, the delay is between 3 min to 20 minutes.

  33. 33 Corrine

    I am having problems with email and web since Friday on AT&T in Mass. Several battery pulls and resending service books has helped, but not much. Emails are lagging at least 6 minutes.

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