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A thousand pardons but we forgot a few honorable mentions on our last Staff and Contributors Update.

Jonathan Brandon

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Jonathan works with Smoke Labs on his latest project The Public Post, a Canadian news blog. The site is a great destination for some in-depth commentary on local issues. Apart from being a politically savy individual, Jonathan is also a smartphone enthusiast. Take a look at some of his reviews.

Jude Sweeney
Jude wrote an excellent review of PictureDial for the BlackBerry Storm. His writing style is elegant and concise which makes for an easy read. A true BlackBerry Storm fan, expect more great reviews from him.

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KyleKyle McInnes

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Kyle has worked on and off for Smoke Labs Media for the past 4 years. After graduating with an Honors degree in Commerce, Kyle went on to do web consulting for the Foreign Trade Administration in Israel. While living in Jerusalem, Kyle worked to bring the staff on board with a social media plan to connect departments across the globe. After leaving Israel, he moved to Korea to teach business English to LG employees in Daejeon. Kyle also manages a comedy site called Street Carnage.

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