Learn more about your BlackBerry with Verizon workshops

Verizon held a free BlackBerry workshop at its Troy store in Michigan on Wednesday, April 22. The class is geared toward helping wireless phone users get the most out of their BlackBerry devices by learning about the functions and features. Some of the topics to be covered include text messaging, Internet browsing, using email and the camera, changing ringtones, pairing Bluetooth® devices and setting up the speed dial and address book synchronization functions.

This free, in-store class is open to existing and potential Verizon Wireless customers. Individuals who do not yet have a BlackBerry, but would like to learn more about these integrated devices, are welcome to attend the class.

Although this program has already ran, I would love to see more carriers pick up on this trend. As more people learn about their smartphones, it will help the whole industry and economy, Stay tuned for more workshops.


2 Responses to “Learn more about your BlackBerry with Verizon workshops”

  1. 1 SunKast

    I’m fairly certain the BlackBerry store in West Bloomfield holds workshops like this as well.

  2. 2 Christopher

    I am fairly certain Aprill 22 has not past yet but I wwould like to know about classes like this in the future

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