New Twitter app for BlackBerry works with message folder

Our old buddy Simon pointed us to a new third party Twitter app for BlackBerry called Yatca (Yet Another Twitter Client Application). The app integrates your Tweets with your native messages folder. The app currently supports updates every 5 minutes, but expect this to change in the near future. New BlackBerry push APIs are becoming available, so we’ll soon see Tweets getting pushed so you can Twitter in real-time.

For more information, go to their website.

Downlaod Yatca for your device OTA here.

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11 Responses to “New Twitter app for BlackBerry works with message folder”

  1. 1 moog

    This doesn’t work on my Bold.

  2. 2 Auad

    It’s good to know that only works on 4.6

  3. 3 Pmich

    My inbox does not show any twitter messages …but i do get the icon letting me know how many messages there are plus i do i get the Added menu options.. but No messages show up in the folder. ODD..!!

  4. 4 gordon

    This sounds like an app with great potential. Twitterberry is functional, but not being integrated the native inbox is annoying at best. Sadly, until he compiles up a 4.5 version, us BlackBerry Curve 83xx users are out of luck.

  5. 5 Mr. Elusive

    I played with it earlier, I like that it has the global notification support I think that is a great feature to have. I although am not a fan of the message folder integration. I prefer the functionality of socialscope which I have resorted back to, I have asked them about the global notification support in which they say it is, “on their roadmap,” I unfortunately couldn’t get any more information about it from them. I think once they support that functionality it will be a twitter application for the blackberry device that no one can compete with because it is in my opinion the only thing that they are missing. follow me! :) (shameless plug)

  6. 6 Richard Wood

    Not working on my Storm either.

  7. 7 LyRon

    The app is cool, but with the amount of Tweets (depending on who you follow and how often they update) the max number of tweets is 99+ (as seen on my storm).

    There should be a seperate folder for the tweets. Especially since it makes it harder to get to emails. I had to turn the auto update off just cuz Diddy is killing me!! LOL

  8. 8 FlashTweet

    Twitter + Real-time on Blackberry Bold = Awesomeness!!

  9. 9 Yatca

    New version is now available for download which fixes the swamped inbox problem that affected users with a lot of friends, and adds a whole bunch of other stuff too!

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