Preview of BlackBerry Storm phone book app

We recently talked about a company BlindingRain that is putting out BlackBerry Storm specific software. This is their app that they describe as a “phone book app on steroids.” The app is called fonebook and is exactly what you would expect from a robust phone book app. You can use it as a phone directory for people and business, and there is full map functionality. Check out the video to see all its features.

3 Responses to “Preview of BlackBerry Storm phone book app”

  1. 1 Dave

    so this phone book app seems pretty cool. Alot like other apps out there. I find it humorous that half of this video is demonstrating features that are present on the storm right out of the box. The ability to call and map from the address book entry? Give me a break. I like how when demonstrating that feature he says that because of how deep Fonebook integrates in to the device he can do that.. i’m sorry maybe someone that never used the phone before would believe that propaganda, but seriously…

  2. 2 Ted

    a lot of hype, and now a big let down…..

  1. 1 Fone Book: Phone Directory App “On Steroids”For The BlackBerry Storm

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