Protect your BlackBerry from loss or theft - public BETA test UPDATED

SmrtGuard is an application for your BlackBerry that aims to protect you against theft or loss. To do this, the app uses a combination of OTA sync’ing, GPS tracking and remote data detonation, to keep your device safe. Currently, the project is open for public beta so you can try it out.

To register for the public BETA, create an account here.

More information about SmrtGuard here.

Dear Beta Users,

For those of you that have a “native” BlackBerry email address ( or AND are experiencing the following problem:
Problem using Audio Ping
Problem using Remote Tracking / Locating 
Problem using Remote Self-Destruct Drill
We have identified the issue and have a fix for this with v1.01 patch update.

IF YOU DO NOT have the described problem, you can ignore this update.

Here are the steps to take to fixed the above problem
1. Get v1.01 here.
2. You will be prompt to reboot your BlackBerry, please do so.
3. Once rebooted, go into SmrtGuard Application and navigate the menu About SmrtGuard-> Reactivate
4. Enter your activation code. You can find this code on the SmrtGuard website, under Account Tab, listed as “Device Side Activation Code”
5. When successfully done so, please manually reboot your BlackBerry by pulling the battery.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


2 Responses to “Protect your BlackBerry from loss or theft - public BETA test UPDATED”

  1. 1 Mel

    Love the program. It has the ability to send an audio ping to device which is helpful when I place my BB down somewhere in the house and forget. Lol I can just follow where the warbler is coming from. Location is good through the use of Google maps as I don’t have GPS on my phone. Not too sure about the self destruct yet have yet to read the users manual. Lol even helps on tracking my spouse when she takes my phone….hehe guess I will be buying her a BB. Can look at the Contacts and other important info without having to go through the phone. Printing out info is easy. Great for all.

  2. 2 Julian

    I cant be sure, but since i installed this and had it running, it gulps down my 8900 battery quite quickly and i can feel the handset is warm. After I uninstalled it, it was okay. Not sure what was the problem

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