RIM continues to gain smartphone market share

It has always surprised me that RIM only has around 10% of the smartphone market share. Sometimes I think these numbers might be skewed for a few reasons:

1) How does the survey define a smartphone? I bet many of the models described as smartphones are not “smart” in the sense that BlackBerry users are used to.
2) It’s a global market share. I’m really only concerned with North America and Europe.
3) It’s a conspiracy and Bill Gates is at the center of it all.

During Q4 2008, Nokia’s overall market share fell from 50.9 percent to 40.8 percent and smartphone sales dipped a whopping 17 percent to 15.6 million units. During that same period, RIM doubled its market share, perhaps due to a void left by Nokia.

Where can RIM make big market share gains?

Consumer - If RIM keeps pumping out devices that will get the average user interested, they can make some serious market share gains. It’s about time that people put down their RAZR and pick up a device that is not only a status symbol, but a device that will change the way you feel about technology.

Enterprise - Just keep doing what you’re doing guys. A few more updates to BES, as well as a boost from the dev community, should really give RIM a device that every company will be required to use and abuse.

What would you like to see from RIM in the coming years?


3 Responses to “RIM continues to gain smartphone market share”

  1. 1 SimonL

    What would I like to see from RIM in the coming years? Desktop Manager for Mac. Is that so much to ask for? Really? No more pocketmac or missing sync.

  2. 2 james

    Blackberry in MAINLAND CHINA. How hard is that to do? They already do enterprise sales. Do they know how many people are rocking greymarket devices and are foaming at the mouth to get proper service on the providers so that we can use the phones as they were designed (ie. email, apps, im) ????

    It’s the world’s largest market for crying out loud! And apple isn’t even there yet!! they have such an opportunity to become number ?.

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