RIM updates your IM clients for BlackBerry

This isn’t ground-breaking news or anything but you can update your instant messaging clients to version 2.1.42. There doesn’t seem to be any features added or any real reason to download the update.

If you notice something new with the updates, comment and let me know.

Go here to download the update.


9 Responses to “RIM updates your IM clients for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 NA

    I have gchat and AIM 2.2.31 for both already on my phone. Did 2.2.42 come out?

  2. 2 BestFreeOnlineGames

    Nice update!

  3. 3 Phil

    Changed: version number

  4. 4 Ahmed Eltawil

    I updated too. No noticable changes but I think those updates were necessary so that they would be compatible with the upcoming BlackBerry App World. Just a guess :)

  5. 5 Joe

    Haven’t noticed any changes. I was hoping this update would have fixed the icon problem. None of my buddy icons show, all I get is a little gray box with the picture of a headshot.

  6. 6 bayu

    I don’t feel any change.. The msn still don’t delivered msgs most of the times.. How’s this can be happening, yahoo messenger is fine though..

  7. 7 m1

    The update seems to allow you to travel through time.

  8. 8 Krish Sreedharan

    The update broke my ability to log into Google Talk. WLM and YM work fine. No amount of re-installs and battery pulls have solved my issues. Hope this gets fixed soon — or I come across a fix soon.

  9. 9 Paul

    They update these,But… still no facebook with chat.

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