Ringtone Shuffler for BlackBerry reviewed

Most people these days are trying to personalize their phones from everyone else and use different means to accomplish this. One way is music. Over the course of your phone’s life you download, create, transfer all kinds of music you enjoy and set them as a ringtones. But most phones allow you to set it as a ringtone and that’s about it. The next 100 calls will start with the same darn riff, lyric, or sound and after awhile it gets monotonous. Heck I even got annoyed by a song I previously enjoyed.

Enter Ringtone Shuffler. As its name implies, it does exactly that.

This little app has made me believe that it should become a standard feature on today’s multimedia oriented phones. It’s incredibly easy to use. It’s not the most useful app but it’s the most used on my phone since it’s used anytime I get a call.

After getting the working version installed on my Curve, (Had to email support because the other version was asking to register an email address with a non-working server and wouldn’t let me use the program.) I opened it up and it immediately searched thru my “Ringtones” on my SD card. It took approx. 3 seconds. The list displayed in alphabetical order had a checkbox and a play button. The ones with a checkbox are the ones that’ll play when you receive a call. The other will be omitted. There’s an option in the menu to Select all or Select none.

On options, there’s a help section that tells you how to get it going. I highly recommend reading it. It takes less than 2 minutes to read. The other option is “Create Ringtone” which made me think “Sweet, I can create my own ringtones on my BBerry!” Not so. It’s just a screen advertising their ringtone making application for your PC.

Lastly, the program will respect ringtones set to specific callers. So let’s say Mom has “Song A”, anytime Mom calls it’ll play “Song A”. But if someone else calls and doesn’t have a specified ringtone “song A” might play since it’s in the shuffle list, unless you didn’t add it. I had a total of 27 ringtones set to shuffle.

All in all, this little program helps keep your ringtones fresh and a welcomed signal to answer your phone. No more “Gah! I need a new ringtone!” I was surprised to see that it also didn’t have a problem with my BuzzMe app.

Ringtone Shuffler can be downloaded here.

Price: $3.95

[Special thanks goes out to BBCool reader Adam for this review.]

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