(Rumor) BlackBerry Niagara 9630 to launch on Verizon

According to recent rumors, the BlackBerry 9630 will be ready for Verizon soon. The CDMA carrier should have the device as early as May. Pricing and other details remain vague, though the existing 8330 sells for $170 before special discounts.

The Niagara is a sweet looking device and depending on release dates, might actually help Verizon gain a few subscribers.

Would you switch carriers for a device as nice as the 9630?


8 Responses to “(Rumor) BlackBerry Niagara 9630 to launch on Verizon”

  1. 1 artie

    I’ll wait for Sprint.

  2. 2 moog

    …are you saying that the Storm hasn’t helped them gain subscribers? :P

  3. 3 addictedtoBB

    I am a verizon customer and cannot wait to have something better than the non-upgraded 8830. However, they will get this and never allow OS upgrades and that would be very typical of VZW.

  4. 4 Bradley


  5. 5 Me

    I returned my Storm in anticipation of this device. Can’t wait.

  6. 6 Larry

    @moog: if anything, the Storm has lost them customers. Four of five people I know who bought the Storm have returned it and three of those four have left VZW for other carriers. I have the 8330 and I’ll gladly pay full retail for the 9630, and I’ll bet a lot of folks who left VZW in the wake of the Storm’s inability to live up to it’s pre-release reputation, will return to VZW for device that’s a “real” BB.

  7. 7 Sammy

    Does this means that TELUS will have this one as well??

  8. 8 addictedtoBB


    I’m with you! I would pay anything to have something better than my world 8830. I have called and emailed numerous times asking for them to allow the OS upgrade from 4.2 and they keep telling me that 4.5 is unstable!!! Seriously, unstable? If I didn’t get amazing coverage here in DC (where they own the market for service) I would have switched to AT&T long ago for the Bold. I really hope they release this new one.

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