(Rumor) BlackBerry to launch mobile TV episode service

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Although not officially confirmed, it seems RIM is going to announce a full-episode television service for BlackBerry. The launch may come at CTIA but we’ve also heard App World will be announced and they may not want to take away the spotlight.

The new service is rumored to feature:

  • Unlimited monthly subscription service for a fee
  • Once a user orders a program, the content will be downloaded in the background over Wi-Fi
  • Multiple broadcast and cable networks have licensed content for the service

If the above comes true, I would be really interested to see what sort of content we can expect. Ideally, the service would start by offering the usual premium content that can be offered for free such as Comedy Central and Comedy Network shows.

Micro-payments can really help this service too. If I could pay $0.99 per episode of Lost or The Office, I would happily do so. Hopefully this service offers some content that really makes it worthwhile.


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  1. 1 nemo-maritime

    Hopefully they get something going for the Storm. I would really be surprised if they leave it out of this. Further, I cant imagine it NOT being on the Storm.

  1. 1 BlackBerry to launch mobile TV episode service | Blackberry Fans

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