Simplify your BlackBerry experience with custom keys


So if you’ve been looking for an application that will simplify your Blackberry experience, look no further. QuickLaunch by NikkiSoft allows you to launch applications, websites and compose messages along with other things from as little as 2 clicks. Configuring QuickLaunch is a breeze and is an application that every Blackberry owner shouldn’t go without. QuickLaunch supports 83XX, 8900, 9000 and 95XX devices with 4.5 OS or above.

Install was fast and simple and configuring was a fast and straight forward process. After installing I setup my left convenience key (through the Blackberry Screen/Keyboard options) to launch the app and when pressed it brought up the sidebar which defaults to the right side of the screen (but can be changed to the left). The QL Settings menu is simple and only has four configurable items; menu locations, font size, right-side convenience key action and left side convenience key. (The convenience keys will have priority over other mapped applications while the QuickLaunch menu is opened.) QuickLaunch allows you to set the convenience keys (left, right or both) to close QuickLaunch if an app is not launched using the application.

To configure an application to launch with QuickLaunch click the convenience key that you configured and it will open the main QuickLaunch Sidebar.

From that menu can you click the menu button and it will bring up the options menu, select “Add Items” and begin to add your favorite apps on the next screen.

NikkiSoft has added the most common apps to the Add QuickLaunch Items screen such as Browser, Calendar, Sound Profiles and my favorite Wi-Fi Toggle On/Off. If the application that you want to add to the QuickLaunch menu is not already listed you have the option to add it along with the ability to launch websites, compose an email to specific recipient, open audio/video/pic, complete a phone call, and aend SMS to specific recipient via the specific buttons on the bottom of the screen. One thing to note when adding applications to the QuickLaunch menu, the application must be running in the background to show up in the Add Application screen. (Applications do not need to always be running in the background to use QuickLaunch, just when adding to QuickLaunch list)

Once you save you changes (you’ll be prompted to save) your all set and ready to begin using QuickLaunch. This app has been an awesome addition to my blackberry. It is very stable and feels like a native Blackberry application. Now with as little as two clicks I can have my most common apps at my disposal.

If you’re all about time management or just improving your blackberry experience, I highly recommend QuickLaunch and at $4.99 it’s a steal for all that it offers.

To download QuickLaunch, go here.

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