Unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS download

Yet another unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS is out. This time, it’s BlackBerry OS version Personally, I wouldn’t download this. Especially if you are a new to relatively new BlackBerry user. If you’re a power user and are familiar with undoing OS upgrades, then give it a try.

Get the new OS here.

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  1. 1 clifford

    im surprised there are no comments. So far I dont like this upgrade. Portrait to wide screen view is slower. The major thing i have seen is that there is no number pad when on a call. Example, i call my voice mail and I cannot bring up the number pad to save or delete a message, just the keypad. Whats up with that!!

    I noticed when on email or text, to go back to edit, there is now a window for you to hover over what you want to edit.

    I still loose my EDGE to lower caps once in awhile so connection hasnt improved. (using an unlocked storm with Tmobile)

  2. 2 D Boy Dizzle

    yeah man i have noticed the same things. i am also having a hard time finding free themes, or good free themes. i have the appleberry 8 now and that is ok. im running the .114 as well. i have a couple of decent games but nothing else. it kinda sucks. i want more!

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