Free trial - Vayyoo reinvents email for BlackBerry

We’ve been talking a lot about Vayyoo for a few reasons: we love their product and we’ve been playing Settlers of Catan with their director of marketing on a pretty regular basis.

Here are some old articles about them that tells the story of the product’s progression.

Today Vayyoo has launched vPost to the public at a one-time purchase price of $9.95 with a free two-week trial.

Check them out in the store here.

vPost is an app that lets you capture and email any combination of Pictures, Video, Audio Notes, Text & GPS location using an extremely powerful and simple interface.

Once you capture any combination of media you can send it via email to friends, family, colleagues, blogs and social networks. Without vPost it can take over 5 minutes to compose an email with 2 pictures, an audio note, and GPS location. With vPost this task can be done in less than a minute with no hassles. You can try vPost today and start sending rich-media to anyone and everyone!

Use it for anything:
- File a life experience by emailing it to yourself
- Share moments with close friends while it’s happening (near real-time)
- Publish media to Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, Flickr, Picasa, etc. and share with you online communities
- Annotate pictures with a voice recording of what’s actually happened
- Send accidents, act’s heroism, & other newsworthy events in to news agencies (CNN, BBC, etc.)
-Update Twitter via services like,, and
- Send vPost voice & video messages to each other
- Send your friends your exact location in near real time.

Vayyoo has assured us a that a storm version will be available soon.

Vayyoo has setup a vPost website at where they have a FAQ, contact info, and links to their Twitter account.

Comment with what you think of the app!

We’ll be sending an email to some of the comments with free license keys.

Again, you can see the app here

27 Responses to “Free trial - Vayyoo reinvents email for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Bla1ze

    Man, I have been waiting for this for so long now to go public, ever since it’s launch on BlackBerry cool I’ve wanted this application and until now, it was only available “businesses”, I’ll take a free key for this one day!

  2. 2 DS

    I have a Wordpress blog and one of the problems I’ve had with Blackberry is the lack of a native app (like the iPhone) to publish on my website. This application was extremley helpful and I would recommend it to Wordpress bloggers. Of course, the free key would be wonderful too. Not like all of us bloggers can have advertisements to raise capital on our websites :)

  3. 3 nzagy

    Loving the simple lay out of program.
    Very cool to record and send quick university notes to my colleges.

  4. 4 demonio

    Welcome to the promise land.
    Now I can finally share my new baby videos with the whole family.
    Without being accuse of favoritism.
    P.S-where do I apply for the free license key?
    God knows baby dippers are expensive.

  5. 5 Andrew D

    YA this looks really really cool……the Blackberry and her apps are really coming of age…I would love a license please please.

    A truly social network for Blackberry users and abusers

  6. 6 Jason "VerSe" Anderson

    Hey Kyle since that dude never came through with this, even after you emailed him, hook me up man :o)

  7. 7 Andrew

    What a unique and innovative application, and the guys at Vayyoo clearly share a love of fishing :)

    I would definitely use this.

  8. 8 artie

    This is a great App., can it be transferred to another BB when I upgrade my Berry?

  9. 9 Kyle from Vayyoo

    Thanks for all the great feedback so far everyone. As license key is tied to PIN if you change devices you will need to acquire a new license.

  10. 10 artie

    That’s too bad, I’ll be upgrading the end of the year when Sprint comes out with a new Blackberry and I want this App now; unless I get a free key, then I won’t mind getting a new key later.

  11. 11 Lester

    Now this is very interesting. I frequent a lot of BB websites, forums, and blogs but this is the first time I’ve heard or seen of it. I love how they’ve incorporated GPS into the mix — this is a great app!

  12. 12 Junyor

    Just downloaded it to my bold. Very slick looking interface. Now I need to spend some time playing around with it to figure it out.

  13. 13 Paul

    Hey Kyle.

    Nice to see a Canadian company come up with an innovative product like this. Just for transparency sake, does this post go directly to the destinations form your device or does it go through your servers? Does it work with Wordpress?


  14. 14 Andrea

    this app is awesome…!!!
    would love to get it ….. very innovative!

  15. 15 David

    If this app can keep me from having to show each of our employees how send picture mail with gps and audio it would be a huge timesaver in both the use and time lost in the translation of how to use the existing apps.

  16. 16 Kyle

    @Paul, vPosts get sent over email. At no point does any information get sent through our servers. There are wordpress plugins that enable auto-publishing via email. There are also piping sites (like,,,, etc.) that give you an email address to send rich-media to, which then update all your online spaces instantly.

  17. 17 DAN

    This looks interesting, I am going to give the trial a shot and hope I win a free copy.

  18. 18 nflp1999

    This looks really interesting. If the free keys are still being given out send me one please

  19. 19 chris

    Looks cool, I’d take a free key. Does it work on the Storm?

  20. 20 Kyle from Vayyoo

    This version does not work for the storm. Vayyoo will be launching a Storm version by the end of march. If you want keys for the full version of the app try it out and send me a vPost (no media necessary but it would be nice) to with your PIN in the title. The first 25 vPosts I get I will send Keys too.

  21. 21 elizabeth chan

    This awesome! No more email from my computer! What a hassle! I could do it all on my phone!I would lovee to obtain a keye! Thank if I do!

  22. 22 elizabeth chan

    This app is so cool! Why didn’t this come out earlier? I jist got my pohne and love it! Thank you!

  23. 23 Josh Lloyd

    The music in this video is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It actually made me not want to try this.

  24. 24 Kevin

    This could be what I have been looking for. I have to go to site visits and then direct technicians to the site if I could take a picture of the problem and then include the location instead of “…take a left at the building with the brown shutters…” it could be a big thing

  25. 25 zeke stone

    This is the best program I have seen in a long time! I am already getting a lot of use out of it!

  26. 26 Leroy Swanson

    Very slick app…I will definitely be putting this application through a lot of testing. :)

  1. 1 vPost: Easily Send Emails With Pictures, Audio, Video, & GPS | »

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