Vote for your favorite BlackBerry Cool Haiku

It’s your turn to vote! We had over 100 haikus to go through! We laughed, we cried, we watched and we listened and have finally narrowed it down to the Top 10 you see below. The haiku with the most votes will win it’s author a BlackBerry of their choice, courtesy of the WHERE mobile application. Voting ends 3/16 at 12:00am.

Licking the touchscreen
I type WHERE with my tongue
Stay away from my Berry – Krista C

Driving within snow
My blackberry called shotgun
You are in the back – Murphy the dog

Where my life connects
with others, my Storm creates
the ultimate link – Andy C

Oh! Is life not grand?
While one holds one’s blackberry
Between one’s two hands? – Chris

Glued to both my hands,
Struggling with WHERE Haiku,
Failing English class – Christopher Kelly

- Danny Boy

I know where you are
with the keys, locked in the car
please unlock the door! – Lana G

It is on my desk
Scheming to take me over -
Use me as a glove – T-Rex

WHERE is my ‘berry?
In my bed, bathroom, hand; my
lover and best friend! – Brent K

Roadside tire blowout
Berry helps me give location
WHERE to Highway Patrol - MyThai

17 Responses to “Vote for your favorite BlackBerry Cool Haiku”

  1. 1 murphy tha dog

    Woohoo, good luck everyboday, it’s St. Patties day weekend. Time to get some beers. Vote for Murphy tha dog haha, he’s my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, so he is actually Irish and he does ride in the back. He doesn’t have a clue what a Haiku is though.

  2. 2 Danny Boy

    My haiku says…

    Berry in my Pants
    Profile is set to vibrate
    Call Myself again…

    Some people couldn’t hear it!!

  3. 3 Brian B

    Go Lana G. I lose my phone all the time and in my car too. God I hope I never lock it in my car with my keys though. LOL

    She sounds like she may be HOT too.

  4. 4 Lana G.

    I only realized yesterday that i was even a finalist… haha

    wow I am really retarded… i hope i have enough people on my buddy list and in my phone book to at least make a dent in the voting pool.

  5. 5 Andy C.

    haha, lana you’ve got game!!!!

  6. 6 Andy C.

    haha, danny boy with like 10 votes per minute. Wow! amazing turnaround. How did that happen?

  7. 7 Andy C.

    lol, whatever you two are doing, seems to be working, amazing that both of you found so many friends at the last minute!! and at such a constant pace!! lol

  8. 8 Lana G.

    how is it even possible to get more than 10 votes a minute, im literally working my ass off, lol, i have been for like 2 whole hours….

  9. 9 Andy C.

    haha, Danny Boy you’re priceless! Worth it?

  10. 10 Lana G.

    I Don’t know, i have a bunch of friends telling friends to tell friends, and since the come back took much less time then it took me, i’m getting a little worried about possible rigging….. (no offense Danny Boy, i’m not saying you are definately but i can’t say the fear instead there, i’m not very computer savvy)

  11. 11 Danny Boy

    Facebook Rules!!! :D Holy Friends response time!!!

  12. 12 lana g.

    finally all my facebook posts are coming through

  13. 13 Danny Boy

    you got a script running!!!!!

  14. 14 Danny Boy

    Good night!!! it’s just a Blackberry!!!

  15. 15 lana g.

    what the hell is a script? I posted on every social network, i made new profiles…. i havent stopped contacting people….

  16. 16 Brian B.

    Ok, so I ran down to the local coffee shop and got a bunch of votes and to 2 other places that has Wi-FI.
    Now I’ll head out and get all my friends on WOW to vote. If I can only stop them from playing long enough to vote.
    Vote For The Best Poem!!

    Even if we all know that Lana G. has the best one.

  17. 17 Melissa G.

    Lana, I’m Melissa with Kiss Me I’m Fabulous. Can you contact me please? You did a great job getting votes. We have a spokesmodel contest w/ cash prize about to start, and you might be a perfect entrant!


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