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I was given the opportunity to try out vPost by Vayyoo Inc. My first thoughts of this app were, Why didn’t RIM include this with their current OS’s? Vayyoo did a good job of filling the need. vPost sends messages as Emails and not multimedia messages (mms), so if you are used to sending pictures, video’s or voice notes via mms you’ll have to get your recipients email or carrier mms email address. vPost is available for 4.5 and 4.6 OS Blackberries, with Storm support coming in March. Installation from the Blackberry Cool store was straight forward and went without a hitch. After the vPost install was completed I was asked to allow permissions for Phone and GPS so naturally, I did. I was greeted with a screen that displayed the End User License Agreement. After agreeing I was asked if I wanted to register my device with Vayyoo. This is where you have the option to enter your activation code or take advantage of the free trial. Vayyoo helped us users out by including an Introduction screen that gives a brief description and quick tips prior to using the program.

Something to take note of from the introduction screen is the recommended message attachment limit which I’ll talk about a little later. As the software description states the application is easy to use. The main screen displays the functions of the application from one central location.

From this main screen you can: insert a voice memo, launch the camera or video camera, invite friends to vPost, send to a preconfigured contact and send e-mail which opens the native Blackberry e-mail application. The menu gives you the ability to update, disable or display your GPS location, attach a file (opens a file browser), adjust settings and set your own background image, among others.

Let get into the application. I couldn’t wait to give it a try, so I sent a message to a couple of friends. Adding pictures from the camera was simple. Click the Launch Camera button and it immediately opens the native camera app without delay. You take pictures like normal but here’s where it gets tricky but easily remembered, you have to click the escape/back button twice to get back into vPost which will then display the picture that was just taken. To add additional pictures (up to 5 total) just repeat the same process. For video the process was the same as adding pictures from the camera. You can even add attachments that have been stored on a MicroSD Card be it a picture, video or document, but you are unable to view thumbnails when browsing through them. List view seems to be the only available view when searching for an attachment on a MicroSD Card, this will definitely add some time when sending a message with attachments from the MicroSD Card because you’ll have to use the native media app to cross reference filenames. The inability to view thumbnails was my only gripe with vPost. One problem I ran into was the size limit I talked about earlier, messages cannot have a total size of more than 1.5MB. I found this to be a problem with adding more than one photo with my picture size set at large on my Blackberry Curve 8900 and I received an error.

I am assuming this is a OS limitation and not a vPost problem. To add a voice memo to the message click and hold the voice button on the main screen or click and hold the left convenience key and it simply attaches to the final completed message. No need to pre-program this functionality it automatically is set to work when the application is open. vPost also has the ability to record your GPS location and will display in your final message as a link to Blackberry Maps and Google Maps. After you have added what you want to send in the message, you click “Send Email” which will then open the native messaging app with your pictures, video’s and voice notes that were attached using vPost. vPost simply compiles all of the attachments you’ve selected and creates a message for you.

All you have to do from this point is select your recipients, unless you’ve pre-configured the favorites button on the main screen via settings and this will bypass adding recipients and automatically send to your address(s) that are pre-configured. That’s it, to some up vPost, aside from the thumbnail issue; the application is very stable, fast and you use native functions of the Blackberry OS along with vPost to complete your multimedia messages. The whole process of sending multiple attachments takes less than 2 minutes to complete and your ready to share life as it happens!

To use vPost on a free trial basis, go here.

[Special thanks to BBCool community member Joseph Oliva for this review]

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