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Win great prizes from TELUS just for growing a beard


TELUS and Sportsnet have launched the MIKE Playoff Beard Challenge and are looking for teams who think they’ve got the facial follicles to beat.

Are you a BlackBerry developer? Consider being a beard developer.

Check out for contest details and entries.

The team with the bushiest beards by the end of the hockey playoff season wins:

  • 47” HDTV
  • NHL tickets for next season to see either the Leafs, Senators, Flames, Oilers or Canucks
  • TELUS Mike handsets for their entire crew

New email and SMS preview app BerryPopup discount and giveaways


BerryPopup is a new applilcation available in the BlackBerry Cool Store. The app gives you previews of incoming email and SMS messages the moment they arrive. Much like Aerize and PeekaWho, BerryPopup allows you to reply, forward, mark as read or delete messages right from the preview window without having to switch to the messaging application.


* - Preview incoming e-mails/alerts
* - Open inbox, reply, forward, mark as read and delete e-mails right from the popup
* - Open inbox, reply and forward SMS right from the popup
* - Disable popups until backlight dims or for a certain time right from the popup
* - Customize order of messages (Oldest first, Newest first)
* - Only show popups for messages from contacts you have in your phonebook
* - Customize positioning of the popup (“System Default”, “Bottom of screen” or “Stretch to the borders of the screen”)
* - Customize position of the button bar (left, right, top, bottom)
* - Automatically turn on backlight when a message comes in
* - Auto-dismiss popup after specified time
* - Disable popups while in the messaging application
* - Disable while device is locked so you will not be flooded with popups after unlocking
* - Disable popups while backlight is on
* - Show contact photo and customize its size
* - Customize font sizes
* - Integrates with SmartAlerts (coming May 2009) for absolute control which messages trigger popups and which don’t

BerryPopup is available for $6.95 from the BlackBerryCool store or $4.95 until May 6th.

We’re also giving away 25 free copies for the first 25 people to enter the code ‘coolpopup‘. So go!

[ED NOTE: Just to be clear, it's a promo code that you enter at the purchase link]

RIM launches official BlackBerry blog called ‘Inside BlackBerry’


Yesterday I wrote an article about social networking and RIM, talking about some of the things I’d like to see from RIM in terms of interacting with the blogosphere.

Well they’ve just now launched their own official BlackBerry blog. Here’s why:

So why are we doing this?
Because we believe we can make a valuable contribution to the conversation. We do have a slight advantage, after all — smartphones are our life and work.

I’m looking forward to seeing what types of blog posts are up. Between BlackBerry Cool, CrackBerry, BerryReview, RIMarkable and IntoMobile, there is a ton of competition. Are they going to be releasing leaks? Because that’s just not fair. Way to go RIM!

Here is more info from their “About” page:

What this blog is about

Through our listening we’ve learned that you care most about discovering how to get more out of your device, so we’ve assembled a team of experts who will provide tips and advice to help you achieve this.

We have Sean who is our social applications expert, Sanjay who is our IM guru and Mark who is everything email. We also have Andrey who is the desktop software pro, Mike and Riz who are our handheld software specialists, and Annu who works on handheld hardware.

We know this blog is not just about our perspective. So, we will take every opportunity to connect you to the great conversations and expertise already being shared online.

What this blog isn’t about

We’re excited to begin contributing to the conversation, but that said, this isn’t the place to discuss topics like unreleased products, financial and forward-looking statements, service outages or carrier matters. Besides, these are matters where our topic experts aren’t, well, the experts.

Send your friends PTT messages with new TELUS web app


TELUS has a new demo app on that allows users to try the text-to-speech function of the TELUS Mike push to talk handsets. This includes the BlackBerry Curve 8330i that was launched with NASCAR in Toronto Canada. The best part of this new demo that you can create funny messages and send it to your friends. If you’ve never tried MIKE PTT, head over to the site and give it a shot.

Free GPS tracking app for BlackBerry LiveTracker updated



LiveTracker Beta is a free GPS tracking app and it has recently been updated to internal version number: 0.1.6. This versions solves some minor issues of the previous beta but has no functionality changes.

Download your FREE copy of LiveTracker Beta.

After you installed the application, just start LiveTracker and it will start searching for GPS location fixes. There is also a “share location” option in the program’s menu where you can share your current location with your friends.

The makers of LiveTracker, SkyLab Mobile Systems, also offer a free maps program called TopoExplorer.

BlackBerry Made Simple offers complete BlackBerry training


BlackBerry Made Simple

BlackBerry Made Simple

BlackBerry Cool readers are generally well versed in their BlackBerry but there are some people who need help. BlackBerry Made Simple is celebrating their new name with new products and new prices. The company is now able to offer a complete “Training Center” approach to learning about your BlackBerry. They have a “Training Center” available for every BlackBerry device.

The Training Center includes:

  • Videos Now – A full video library (over 60 Videos per device) which can be viewed on any PC or Mac
  • Videos to Go – A full Video Library in a self-installing file (for PC users) and easy install (for Mac users) which loads the videos right onto your Micro SD card. (Videos to Go requires a BlackBerry 88xx, 81xx, 82xx 83xx, 89xx, 90xx or 95xx BlackBerry Smartphone with at least a 1 GB Micro SD card)
  • Made Simple Guide Book – Comprehensive guide books.

New Promotional Pricing:

  • Buy Videos Now and Videos to Go – Together – for the new low price of $19.95 – A Savings of 80% off previous pricing
  • Buy the Made Simple Guide Books (EBook format) for a low $14.95 – A Savings of almost 30% of previous EBook pricing
  • Buy the Complete Training Center for only $29.95 – A Savings of $91.02 or 75% off previous pricing

Try BlackBerry Made Simple guides by visiting their site.