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This free app for BlackBerry looks great! Visible Vote allows you to write congress personal letters from your Blackberry, Vote on Issues your legislators are voting on and updates them with your voting preference. It’s the ultimate democratic BlackBerry app.

Recently, the app has been updated to include:

1) The ability to see the details on each Senator by clicking their picture. This will show the bills they are voting for/against you on (I know its not the prettiest thing yet).

2) Automatically move things to the Answered category upon answering a question without closing and opening the application.

For the Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold and 8900 Curve:

Download a free copy of Visible Vote for BlackBerry.

For OLDER BlackBerry devices, ie. 4.3-4.5 OS:

Download a free copy of Visible Vote for BlackBerry.

For Blackberry OS 4.2:

Download a free copy of Visible Vote for BlackBerry.

  • mike
    Always getting error"problem talk to server. Please try again with stronger signal"
    I have perfect signal when this occurs.
  • Cliff
    I like it a lot. I'd like to see something like this on the state level one of these days.
  • abby
    so cool , I want it very much!
    ok ,here I also have a good place: tradestead
    there are many kinds of beautiful and powerful consumer electronics that can meet your any needs very well!
  • Paul
    Hey Doug,

    Yea I had some problems this morning on the server. Can you reach out to me directly and I'd be happy to help you out. My email is visiblevote@gmail.com
  • Doug
    Hey, great idea for an app, thanks! I installed it on my storm and it worked great, but the next time I launched it the reps and issues won't show up, and the password I set isn't working. I deleted and re installed the app, but it's still not working right. Any suggestions?
  • Paul
    Hey Joel,

    We have plans to do this eventually. Its just going to take time :-).
  • Joel
    Any way to add state senators and representatives to this application?
  • psycada
    Great app. Depressing though. My reps only agree with my 50% of the time. Awesome idea, thanks to whoever created it. I will now proceed to annoy the hell out of my reps, as all good citizens should do.
  • MLB
    Worked like a charm that way! thanks again.
  • MLB
    Ohhh let me try that. I didn't even think to do that. thank you!
  • Magnumbi
    I went to the link directly from my Storm and had no problems installing and running the app. I am quite impressed with it and plan on using it frequently.
  • Paul
    Hey MLB,

    It should work on the 8900... The big things I see hanging people up is the Browser settings on their Blackberry. You need to have your web browser set to Blackberry when you point it at that JAD file.
  • MLB
    I wanted this for my 8900, but .jad is not a supported extension or have I missed something? Is anyone else who has tried to download this seeing the same things?
  • Paul
    Hey all, I have received a lot of questions on this application. You might find some of the answers here useful:


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